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The Best Flowers For The Balcony

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The Best Flowers For The Balcony

The balcony is a very essential part of everybody’s home. It is the place where people who cannot afford buying a house place their plants and flowers in order to turn it into a place that looks like a garden and where they can spend their time relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee in the mornings or some refreshing tea in the afternoons. A good looking, full of beautiful flowers balcony is something most people are striving for. Everybody wants to have a small garden on their balcony that attracts people’s attention. Achieving that is not a hard task, all we have to do is follow a few simple tips and techniques on how to take care of and combine the flowers in the balcony. There are plenty of reasons why a given flower is growing well on one balcony and bad on another but most of them lay in the conditions of the balcony itself.

The balcony exposition is the main factor we should consider when choosing what flowers to place there. It is a well known truth that depending on the side the apartment is facing its balcony gets different amounts of sunshine and warmth. Apartments facing to south always get more sun light and warmth compared to the others. Just on the contrary, those facing the north are cooler and darker due to the fact that most of the time they are not sun lit. Western exposure is a good option as it gets sunshine in the cool mornings while eastern one, even though a better option compared to the northern one, is lit by the sun in the afternoon when the sunlight is too hot. Another factor that should be considered is whether there are any nearby buildings and trees that might throw shadows on your balcony and hence reflect on the conditions for the flowers.

Geranium, ivy and Pelargonium peltatum are the most popular choices when it comes to taking care of flowers on the balcony. They are easy to grow and need to be placed in a sunny spot.

If your balcony is facing south, south-east or south-west, the best choice for you are petunias, calendula, Michaelmas daisy and zinnia. All of them bloom are yearling.

If your balcony is with northern exposure, you can grow nasturtium and a morning glory. In order to plant them you will need to purchase seeds that can be found in every flowers store.

Other flowers suitable for every balcony no matter of its exposure are crane’s bill, daisies and viola.
During the summer the flowers that are on the balcony should be watered every day, the most suitable time for that is early in the morning and in the evenings after the sun has set down. No matter the season you should spray water on the flowers leaves once or twice a week in order to remove the dust from them.

Leaves and blossoms that have dried should be removed. The following flower combinations are very suitable for your balcony – Sage (salvia), petunia and geranium, marigold, geranium and Helichrysum as well as lobelia, geranium and Helichrysum.

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