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Pros And Cons Of Online Florists

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More and more businesses nowadays start operating online and one of the fields that has seen a huge growth in this direction is the business with flowers. Having a floral shop can be quite rewarding, but offering online delivery is a step further into a successful career and a much bigger network. What’s great about online flower delivery services is the huge range of flowers, floral arrangements and gifts they offer on their websites. One is literally spoiled for choice and this is a big benefit. Often we cannot find what we are looking for at a florist’s and we simply put up with what is available at the moment. This is rarely the case when shopping for bouquets and plants online.

A big benefit of online florists is the neatly and well-designed website which is user friendly and easy to use. One can select the desired category of flowers and then narrow their search based on the type of flower or price. The usual categories are for birthday, wedding, anniversary/romantic, friendship, just because and the ones for specific days and celebrations: Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

It’s more than convenient to shop online – no need to go out and drive to a florist’s. You can shop around from the comfort of your home or office and even buy in the last minute with same day delivery. A big benefit is the chance to send flowers to somebody who lives thousands of miles away from you. When you can’t be with them the least you can do is surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. The choice is endless and you can’t go wrong with online flower shopping. All you need is a computer or a phone with Internet connection and a few minutes to browse and choose. It’s definitely faster and easier than actually going to a florist’s and asking for each option, flower, meaning and cost.

Usually online florists allow their customers to make custom-made bouquets which means that you can send your loved ones bouquets of your own design and idea – what can be better than that? Moreover, you have a wide selection of exotic and rare flower to choose from. Another serious benefit is the fact the prices are quite stable and there are also discounts available for online delivery.

Of course, every great thing has its disadvantages and online florists do too, which makes people often too cautious to use them. One of the serious disadvantages people complain of is the lack of personalized service and the slow system of answering emails. More or less, every client is treated the same way and gets the service that’s stated on the website’s terms. The lack of valuable advice is a problem for many people and it makes them prefer going to an actual floral shop.

Another disadvantage is the quality of flowers that are sent. Some of the flowers in the bouquet might be in full bloom, while others are only budding or already slightly withered. The customer cannot see the actual bouquet that’s being delivered and this is often a problem. Moreover, people are afraid that providing their financial information on the website when paying might be risky.

Before you buy flowers online, consider the advantages and the disadvantages.