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A Get Well card is nice to receive when you aren’t feeling at the top of your game. But a bouquet of beautiful flowers is even nicer. A phone call or an email from a friend or loved one is nice to receive when you are home with the flu, but a gift basket delivered to your door is even nicer. A visit from a friend when you have taken to your bed is nice, but a potted plant or a balloon bouquet is even nicer when combined with that visit. Of all the things that we appreciate when we are ill, a sincere gift that shows that someone is thinking of you is perhaps the best. So if you know someone who is feeling bad or has been under the weather, show how much you care by sending a flower delivery from our company.

Showing your friends and loved ones that they are missed during their period of convalescence doesn’t have to break the bank. We have plenty of affordable gifts that will be the perfect pick-me-up for someone who has seen healthier days. Even a small gift can really lift someone’s spirits, especially if they have to spend time in hospital. We take for granted how important it is to get up each day and head out to work or elsewhere feeling healthy and well. We take for granted that contact with others can do a lot to keep us feeling good. So when a friend or loved one must stay in to recover from a cold, a flu or worse, flowers are the perfect gift to give to remind him or her that friends are waiting when health returns.

There are plenty of ways to tell someone that you hope he or she gets better soon. You can send a card or an email, or you can send a bunch of brightly coloured balloons with the message, ‘Get Well Soon’ on them. You could also choose a gift that includes a soft toy, since when we are curled up in bed, a good cuddle can really help. Bright colours are best when choosing Get Well flowers because they tend to have the effect of lifting the spirits better than anything else. Yellow daisies, tulips or roses are great ways to bring a little sunshine to anyone who isn’t feeling so hot. But multi-coloured arrangements also have the effect of brightening one’s day.

The bigger the bouquet, the bigger the smile! When you are sending flowers in order to bring a smile to the face of a loved one, go big! We have a wide variety of flower arrangements that have been designed with health and cheer in mind. Rainbow bouquets of tulips, roses or gerbera daisies are especially popular for this purpose. Take a look at what our floral experts have designed, but if you don’t find something that grabs your attention, you can always give us a call on ‎020 3900 2441 and we will arrange something special just for you.

Seasonal flowers make wonderful gifts for someone who is in ill health. By having a bouquet of seasonal flowers delivered, you are helping your friend enjoy a bit of what he or she is missing outside while recovering inside. You can help transport your loved one to sunny days when he or she was feeling much better. Seasonal flowers can freshen any room, with or without a sick bed. Send them to the hospital or to your friend’s home and you’ll be sending a little bit of the season in to them. Seasonal flowers are also a great way to save some money on flower delivery. Since they are in season, they are likely to be more local than some other blossoms of more exotic origin. Flowers By Post only sends the freshest flowers and they arrive on the doorstep just before their peak blooming stage, so you will really be able to enjoy them fully.

Another fabulous gift for a friend or loved one who is convalescing is a plant in a lovely pot. We have so many different plants to choose from, flowering and non, that it may be difficult to pick. If your friend is a fan of a particular colour, light up his or her day with a flowering plant that will bloom on and on. Orchids and hydrangeas are popular potted gifts as they have a very long life before dropping their petals. But with a potted plant, your gift will return year after year. Why not send a gift that lasts longer than the illness itself? You living gift will see the recipient through the sickness and out the other side, so to speak. It will be a colourful symbol of healing.

No matter what a person is suffering from, a delivery of flowers is always welcome to lift the spirits and bring some sunshine in from the outside. Now you can have flowers delivered the next day if you order in time, and you will be amazed by affordable, wallet-friendly prices. Think of what you would most like to receive when you are feeling under the weather, and place your order now for the gift that you know will be uplifting for anybody suffering from ill health. You can include chocolates, cards, a stuffed toy and much more. And if you don’t see the perfect combination of gifts on our website, no need to worry. Simply call us up on ‎020 3900 2441 and speak to an expert floral arranger right now. You can design your own gift at a reasonable price to make it that much more personal and heartfelt. Remembering your loved ones, co-workers and friends when they are down with a cold or flu can help bring them back to health faster than many other remedies. Call today to place an order and your Get Well Flowers will be sent right away, bringing a bit of joy into someone’s dark day.

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