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White Flowers – Meaning and Arrangements

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White flowers have a strong symbolism – most of them represent purity and innocence and they are most often viewed as a touch of beauty and heaven. The following guide to white flowers will give you more information on various types and their meanings, as well as their use for weddings and flower arrangements.

White is considered the ultimate symbol of heaven, of divine light and angelic character. It signifies tidiness, virginity and purity. Even though it is actually a non-colour, just like grey and black, white is a brilliant colour to be used at a variety of occasions. It reflects light and brings a touch of cleanliness to any area. That is why white is the traditional wedding colour – the bridal dress is usually white according to tradition. Western culture views white as the colour of brides, youth and innocence. However, in Eastern cultures white is the colour of mourning and death. White is definitely the most restless colour, being the colour of doctors, hospitals and other medically-related things. White is a colour frequently found in nature and the wild too – snow, swans, cotton, clouds, doves, rocks – there are many white things. In the botanical world, white is the colour of various types of flowers. In feng shui white is connected to the element of Metal and a representation of tranquility and freshness. If you use white at home, it will bring calmness. It can also be paired well with bright colours, for a nice contrast.

Meaning of White Flowers
White flowers are usually connected with purity and perfection, symbols of calmness and peace. Brides wear white flowers in their hair and carry white bridal bouquets to convey modesty, sincerity and simple beauty. When you give someone a bouquet of white flowers you show your appreciation, your loyalty and trustworthiness, it’s like opening your heart and bringing brightness to the life of the other person.

Arrangements with White Flowers
These flowers always evoke true elegance and beauty, and they are perfect for formal and classic events. On the other hand, in a crafty arrangement, a white flower can look dramatic and spectacular. Spring events look much better when adorned with fresh white flowers and lots of greenery. The Lily-of-the-Valley, for instance, is one such flower – pretty, simple and representing spring and new beginning. If you don’t know what types of flowers will be best for a certain event or how to arrange them, here are some useful tips:

• If you want a room or a hall to look larger than it is, make use of white flower arrangements. Beware of overdoing it, though, as you wouldn’t want to create a clinical effect.

• Make white flowers look a bit warmer by pairing them with red ones. This is a classic combination, which is perfect for weddings.

• For a dreamy, romantic wedding mix white flowers with flowers in light blue and light pink. Pastel colours go really well with white and the effect is beautiful and soothing.

• For a summer event, or a touch of summer during the colder months, arrange white or ivory flowers with bright orange or yellow ones.

• If you have chosen dark purple, dark red or navy blue flowers for an event, you can enhance their effect by adding small creamy roses.

• An aristocratic and absolutely stunning flower arrangement can be made by mixing white flowers with flowers in emerald green. This is the perfect arrangement for the birthday of an elderly relative or an anniversary party.

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