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Big occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays are events when sending bouquets or floral arrangements is a tradition. However, there are plenty more occasions which require flowers and it’s a great idea to show that you care by sending some. Everyone loves flowers and receiving some even without an occasion is great. You can send flowers to anybody: family, friends, business partners, young or old acquaintances, etc. Here are some of the not so common occasions when you could send flowers:

1. First Day of University or School. Whether it is the first day of school for a student, or first day of college, it is a special day nonetheless. You could even send flowers to a friend, whose child is going to school for the very first time. It is a great way to wish good luck and send your best regards.

2. To Congratulate Someone on Their Raise, Promotion or New Job. Getting a promotion at work is quite a big deal for anyone. Be thoughtful and celebrate the great news by sending a floral arrangement to your friend, along with a funny greeting card. Just like flowers as business gifts, this is a great way to show that you are happy for that person.

3. After Someone’s Pet Dies. When a person passes away the whole family and all the friends mourn the loss. It is required to send sympathy flowers. However, most people who have had a pet for a long time treat them as a member of their family and a death is just as heartbreaking as any other. Try to cheer up the family or the person by sending them flowers to express your sympathy.

4. For Smaller Holidays. Bouquets and different flower arrangements are a nice way to decorate any holiday or event. For instance, for St. Patricks’s Day you can decorate with a bouquet of bright green flowers. For the national day a bouquet with the colours of the national flag is a good choice. If you love flowers and you believe in their symbolism it doesn’t matter what the occasion is.

5. Firsts. In each person’s life, the so called “firsts” are plenty. When a child loses their first tooth, it is a big experience for them. Passing a driver’s license test is a big deal for a teenager or a young adult. Other firsts which you can send flowers for include: graduation and first diploma, first car, first job, first flat, first baby and so on and so forth.

6. A Big Move. If you’ve helped someone move to a new place or decorate their home, you can send them flowers once the place is ready. Moreover, if a friend or a relative is moving abroad, why not send them flowers, so they know that even if you aren’t physically there you are thinking of them and will miss them.

All of these smaller and bigger events in a person’s life might not look that important to everyone, but they are a big deal for the person experiencing them. If you care and love that person, send them beautiful flowers to show them that. There isn’t a wrong time for flowers, as they bring beauty and joy when given. There are sections in online flowers shops called “Just because”- they are full of bouquets which you can give just because you love someone, or even without a specific reason. You will surely make them smile.

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