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What Can Flowers be Used for? - The Power of Flowers

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We all know the sight of a flower delivery arriving at our front door can sometimes be all that is needed to bring joy to our day, but it is also worth realising that certain flowers can benefit our physical and mental health in other ways. Discover which flowers are great for helping to heal skin conditions, which blooms can help with anxiety problems and what secrets the lavender holds. Read on and find out the true power of flowers.

Have Mood-enhancing Flowers Delivered and Feel Happier

Any florist will tell you that when people receive flower bouquets, their mood is instantly lifted. It is as simple as knowing that someone cares enough to send flower arrangements, and you, therefore, feel even just a little bit happier. Yet, there are further reasons for this lift in mood, and researchers have discovered that there is a link between certain flowers and endorphins, otherwise known as the happy hormone. It is thought that the immediate positive reaction is caused not only by the fact that you have received a gift (which of course is bound to make you happy!); but also by the flowers’ colours and scent. Longer-lasting effects of happiness are caused each time a person looks at the bouquet or inhales its aroma.

 flower by post onlineFlowers Used in Aromatherapy

Although a controversial topic, aromatherapy is used by people all over the world to soothe aches and pains and to tackle mental health issues. There may be those in the medical industry that doubt the efficacy of aromatherapy oils, but there are also professionals that understand how flower infused oils do work.

• Lavender oil is renowned for helping people sleep, and a few drops of lavender oil on a pillow can soon have you drifting off the land of nod. This flower is also used in lotions to treat burns, abrasions, headaches and to boost the immune system.
• Geranium essential oils have an antibacterial quality and are used in the treatment of throat infections, skin complaints and menopausal symptoms.
• Jasmine oils are used to lift mood, treat depression and is also thought to be an aphrodisiac, assisting people with low libido.
Carnations are not just pretty flowers, but their essential oils are known to help with many different problems. Depression, anxiety, and inflammation are just a few of the things that carnation oils can help to treat. These oils are also used as a stimulant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac.

Skin creams

Flowers are used in many different types of skin creams, and this isn’t just to enhance the aroma of the product. You will find that roses feature as an ingredient in several high-end moisturisers, and as roses are renowned for their hydrating qualities, this is unsurprising. Rose extract is said to be able to reduce scarring and wrinkles and can help stretch marks to fade. Sunflower oil is used in creams for people with acne as it acts as an anti-inflammatory, and is high in antioxidants which can promote cell rejuvenation. Another flower that is used in skin creams is the marigold, and this flower is believed to fight premature ageing, in addition to helping to eradicate eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. If you suffer from oily skin, spots, and sun damage, you will want to buy creams with oils from the lotus flower.

Flower Power

There are so many reasons to embrace the power of flowers, whether you look out for them as ingredients in skincare products, or if you treat yourself to a beautiful flower bouquet every once in a while. Now you are aware of just how beneficial flowers and their oils can be, introduce them into your daily routine and reap the benefits.

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