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Various Meanings of Flowers

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Flowers across the ages have been acquiring many meanings and have grown in importance for humankind’s celebrations and important events-not just the official ones but also the unofficial, the personal and the most passionate one. This article will list for you flowers and their established respective meanings that were preserved through the ages.

Cattail: This flower stands simply for happiness cause by the presence of peace. If a conflict of any sort had begun and now it is over, give cattail to a close person in order for the two of you to celebrate the moment of peace together along with your friends and family.

Yellow Carnation: It is quite possible that you may now that carnations do not always stand for positive emotions and the yellow one is an absolutely proper example for this because it has been confirmed as a symbol of denial and disappointment throughout the years so make sure the person you give it to doesn’t know much about flowers and their meanings.

Chestnut Tree: Yes, this is an unusual present to give but undeniably it is an extraordinary and memorable one and quite rightfully it stands for the feeling of justice and surprisingly in the same time of luxury. This is a flower to give to confident people, who have an established place in their own world.

The Christmas rose: The rose is in general the flower that professes eternal, passionate, immortal love but when it is painted in the colors of Christmas it is all about the approaching New Year and the wish for luck and prosperity in all spheres of the life of the person who receives this flower as a gift.

The Chrysanthemum, much like the carnation has different meanings when it changes it colors, however its variations are much more different than those of the carnation and in a much more positive way. In general the chrysanthemum stands for happiness and the feeling of triumph after a successful endeavor or battle. It is also a great gift when the occasion involves the celebration of peace, truth and long life together. It is a bright, sprightly, well-known and vastly loved flower and it is only natural that it stands for good things only. In Asia, the chrysanthemum is considered to be a noble flower. So if you give a red chrysanthemum that means you love someone. If you give a white chrysanthemum that means you reaffirm your love for someone and you assure her or him in your affection. A yellow chrysanthemum means that your love is conceiving its very first sparks and that you are close to feeling ready to start a relationship.

The four-leaf clover: Perhaps the most popular in its meaning flower, along the rose, the four-leaf clover stands for good luck. Its four leaves stand for faith, love, luck and hope. The legend says that if you manage to find a four-leaf clover not only you will be lucky during the entire year but also if you give it to your partner immediately after you have found it, you two will and should be together for the rest of your days.

Columbine: This is a special flower which incorporates in its symbolism three important qualities connected to each other. The first one is wisdom. The second one is the strength that this wisdom provides and finally the salvation which this strength will win not only for the person who bears it but also for everyone else who gets in touch and learns from this person.

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