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There is no artist more closely associated with sunflowers than Vincent Van Gogh. His series of paintings depicting vases filled with a dozen flowers or just one or two lying on a table are some of the most famous paintings in the world. He perfectly captured the fiery colours of these large blossoms and the combination of sturdiness and fragility that sunflowers possess. The petals themselves are quite small, but there as so many of them that encircle the flower head so as to give a glowing effect. These fragile petals, of course, top a sturdy base and stem, so that sunflowers appear strong and radiant at the same time.

Do you know someone who is both strong and radiant, sunny and tough when it comes to sticking up for what he or she believes? Well, sunflowers could be that persons individual symbol. That combination of qualities is captured so well in Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings that it is hard to forget them Sonce you have laid eyes on them. If you know someone who loves sunflowers, then give him or her the gift of a sunflower bouquet this year for a birthday or anniversary.

Flowers By Post has created a number of unique sunflower arrangements that you would be proud to give as a gift or display in your home. Or we can help you choose sunflowers in combination with your other favourite blossoms to come up with a bouquet that is just right for you. Sunny, bright and cheerful, sunflowers can bring happiness to your kitchen, bedroom, office or your back garden. They are the symbols of summer and sun in many cultures and are the perfect seasonal gift for all occasions.

Think of all the times you might want to decorate your home with a splash of sunshine. If you are having a tea party in the summer, a single sunflower on each table can be a bold centerpiece. A cluster of them could be appropriate for a more formal occasion such as an outdoor wedding, a birthday party or a baby shower. When the grass is green, the sky is blue and there are white clouds drifting by overhead, sunflowers can complete the picture better than any other blossom. Van Gogh captured their essence many times over; now you can have them for yourself or give them to a friend or loved one so that he or she can enjoy bringing some sunshine inside.

Sunflowers originated in the Americas, but today they are closely associated with the hot summer months in many countries. Have you ever vacationed in the south of France during the summer? The fields of sunflowers stretch for miles and miles, making the whole country appear sunnier. Or head further south and you can see them covering the rolling hills in parts of southern and eastern Europe. Sunflowers can instantly bring back memories of lovely childhood vacations where you were free to run barefoot down the dirt roads and roam the countryside without a care in the world. That feeling is hard to re-capture, especially during a rainy summer in northern Europe. But you can certainly grasp a bit of those lovely feelings and emotions by having a sunflower bouquet delivered to someone’s door. Or to your own. Who says that you can only order flowers for delivery for someone else? Give a gift to yourself this time and see what a difference fresh flowers can make in your home, whether you are having guests or not.

Sunflowers can grow over four feet tall, a pretty impressive height for a single flower. Since these oversize blossoms are both tall and have large flowering heads, the joy they bring is similar in size. Have you ever seen anyone receive a bouquet of sunflowers without breaking into a huge smile? It is hard for us to deliver sunflowers without seeing the recipient’s face light up immediately when he or she opens the door. They can be difficult to transport, though, so it is important that you leave the selection and delivery up the experts at our company. We will not only handle them expertly while they are in are specially cooled facilities, but we will place them in beautiful arrangements and send them on their way while maintaining the perfect temperature. If a sunflower loses its petals, it can be a sad sight indeed. So when you want to send some joy to a friend or to your mum or to your spouse or partner, send a sunflower bouquet or arrangement.

Our lovely sunflower options come in different varieties; you will be surprised at the versatility and combinations that can be created with sunflowers as the base. Pair them with roses, gerbera daisies, lilacs, lilies, even orchids for a truly unique bouquet. Flowers By Post guarantees that only the freshest and best-kept flowers will be delivered. Not only that, you won’t spend a fortune for delivery. Not only are our bouquet prices some of the most competitive, but our delivery options offer great value as well. See how we can bring some sunshine to your home or office or that of a loved one today. Call us on ‎020 3900 2441 and we can help you choose just how you want those sunflowers to look.

It is a little known fact that sunflowers are the flower to give for a 3rd anniversary. You may not think of them as the most romantic blossom, but they can symbolize the longevity that you wish to share with your spouse in the years to come, the adoration that has developed in just the few short years you have been married, the warmth that his or her face brings to your heart every day and the happiness that you have together. These icons are not just for painters and photographers anymore; you can enjoy them at home and bring a little summer inside your house and your hearts.

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