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Saying “I Love You” with Roses

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Saying “I Love You” with Roses

The beauty of flowers is that you can say so many things without actually saying them. Flowers can carry messages of sympathy, love, friendship and purity. This why they are commonly given to friends, family and loved ones.

We may live in a society where e-cards and high tech gifts are taking centre stage of our lives, but flowers will always remain to be highly sentimental, dearly appreciated gifts.

Saying I love you has never been easier. There are many flowers which portray that message. However, the most common flower used to say I love has been, currently is and will always be the Rose. Roses can be used to say I love you, not only to partner, but can also be used to declare your love for your family and friends. This all depends on the type of rose that you give.

This is where a lot of people are left confused. Unless you are a florist of a flower and plant enthusiast, you will not necessarily know which type of rose corresponds to the type of love you wish to portray to the recipient. This article however, hopes to guide you in the right direction, and help you figure out which type of rose is perfect for the message you wish to send.

The most common type of rose which is gifted, and one whose message is known by all is the red rose. This symbolises a romantic love, and is therefore a very common gift on Anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect way to show a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife that you love them. You can either pick a bouquet that is purely arranged with red roses, or you can choose to have a mixture of red roses with other roses with similar colours e.g. pink, purple etc.

Roses can also be gifted to a friend to show your love and appreciation for them. Although we do not love our friends in the same way as we would love our partner, friendship is portrayed as a a type of love. If you are planning on sending roses to a friend, opt for pink or yellow roses. Yellow roses have been known to symbolise friendship whilst pink roses are a step down from red roses, but still portray the message of love. Arranging a bouquet with both yellow and pink roses makes a good combination for a friend. You may wish to add other flowers which symbolise the warmth of your friendship e.g. Ivy.

Yellow and pink roses can also be gifted to family members. However, you may still think that these are portraying a message that is a little too strong for a member of the family. You can break up a bouquet of pink and yellow roses by adding other flowers which portray similar messages. This includes iris flowers, which also symbolise affection and care. Alternatively, you can choose any normal bouquet, and simply add a few stems of yellow and pink roses. This will make the bouquet subtle and not ooze with too much affection.

Society may now believe and work on the basis of equality, yet flowers are still primarily gifted to women. Numerous studies have shown that men enjoy receiving flowers just as much as women do, so do not follow the sexist idea that flowers are only for women.

If you are still left unsure about the type of rose that is perfect to portray your message, always ask a florist. They will be happy to help and are very experienced and knowledgeable about the different messages each flower sends out.

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