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More Than Just the Colour of Roses Have Symbolic Meaning

Now you can give the perfect gift of a beautiful rose bouquet with all the symbolism that comes with it by ordering online from FlowersByPost.org.uk You don’t have to be knowledgeable about art history to know about the prevalence of roses in the Impressionist painters’ works. These powerful flowers can be found all over the world, albeit in different varieties and colours. From India to China, Africa to America, roses are cultivated and cherished for their unique beauty. They have been important cultural symbols for centuries and can mean much more than just “I love you” when given with certain elements in mind.

The first element to consider when ordering roses from our site is colour. From deep red or burgundy, meaning love and passion and commitment, to orange and yellow, used to express joy and friendship, the colour of the roses you send are almost as important as the gesture itself. Take some time to research the meanings of each colour of rose, as you don’t want to send the wrong message with a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut roses. The word “rose” itself means pink or red in many languages, including romance languages, some Slavic languages and Greek. And they are ancient signs of beauty and love – they simply evoke these feelings with their elegant petals and delicate colours.

Roses have been used as symbols throughout time, not just for love and beauty, but as religious, national and political symbols as well. Aside from these serious symbolic meanings, today roses can be sent without a thought to strife and struggle. Certain types of roses, however, still hold specific meanings, so it is important to consider how your mum, friend or partner will interpret your lovely gift of roses when they show up on his or her doorstep.

You might know that white roses symbolize innocence, purity and even youthfulness. But did you know that a white rosebud is representative of girlhood? What a thoughtful gift this would be for your daughter or a friend’s baby girl. If you give someone a single rose in any colour other than red, it means simplicity or gratitude or devotion, whichever the occasion calls for. But you can make an even stronger statement with colour combinations or specific arrangements. Remember, whatever you choose to say with your roses, our expert florists will be happy to guide you and answer any questions you may have. And of course, they will choose only the finest roses available. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of planning a surprise, detailing your message and ordering roses just to have them arrive wilted or discolored. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your rose delivery, as will the recipient of the beautiful gift, of course.

Combine red and white roses on your anniversary or when you and your partner are facing a challenge. Together, these roses stand for unity. Red and yellow, on the other hand, signify joy and happiness, the perfect combination for a celebration of any kind. Give a thorn-less rose to that special someone you have fallen for to show that it was “love at first sight” for you. Getting ready to pop the question? Have us select the two most beautiful roses and entwine them together; this symbolic arrangement will ask the question for you, all you will have to do is await your answer.
Choose six of the most splendid blossoms to convey a need for love or the desire to be cherished, or give eleven to show your special someone that he or she is truly and deeply loved. If you aren’t quite ready to give that thorn-less rose to tell the object of your affection that it was love at first site, you can give the gift of thirteen magnificent roses, the symbol of a secret admirer.

So now you are truly informed about what roses really mean when given as a gift. You are ready to sort out your thoughts and feelings and order the roses from FlowersByPost.org.uk. You can choose one of our expertly designed bouquets or baskets which are the perfect way of saying everything from “I love you”, to “Thank you”. Or you can work with one of our friendly customer service representatives to custom order the bunch of roses that is just right for you and your loved one. The next time you have an occasion, say how you feel with roses. By choosing them carefully and having them delivered quickly and safely to your favourite person’s door, you will be sending a lovely sentiment along with the lovely bouquet.

Of course mums love getting flowers on Mother’s Day, but if you usually give your mum tulips, lilacs or carnations, consider roses this year. They will make your mum feel truly special, and their lasting beauty will remind her of how much you care for days after Mothering Sunday is past. For Valentine’s Day, roses are a given. But mix them with other elegant blossoms like orchids and you can create a gift worth remembering for months to come. Just remember to have your camera ready when the doorbell rings (if you are having them sent to your home). You will certainly want to capture the look on the recipient’s face when the door opens to reveal a luscious bouquet of perfect roses. You will want to take a picture of the roses, too!
Call us today on ‎020 3900 2441 or order online if you know exactly what it is you want to say with roses. We guarantee next day delivery if you order in time, ensuring only the longest-lasting bouquets will make it into the hands and homes of your loved ones. We have experts working for us at every step of the way – taking orders, choosing the best roses on the market, creating stunning arrangements and delivering them with every petal in place for the perfect surprise.

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