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Occasions When Flowers Are A Must

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Everyone loves to receive flowers, and there really is no joy comparable to gifting a beautiful bouquet to a loved one and watching their face light up! Whether you want to brighten up someone’s day or you want to mark an event, no matter how big or small the occasion, flowers are a beautiful way of telling people that you love them and are thinking of them and cherish them.
If you’re not in the habit of buying flowers frequently, here’s a list of occasions when you just cannot do without flowers to make the occasion. Whether it is as a gift to someone dear or as a decoration to mark the importance of the day, here are five events that are incomplete without flowers:

Valentine’s Day

Yes, we know this one is a bit obvious and a bit cheesy, but hey, cliches come into being because they make so much sense! Every year couples all over the world vow to make this day special and unique and memorable for their partners and while there are thousands of little and grand ways in which you can personalise the day to truly reflect your love story, don’t forget the flowers! No matter how silly or typical a gesture they may seem they are a non-negotiable part of the occasion. You can go down the traditional route with a big bouquet of gorgeous red roses or you can fix something more creative for your beloved.

Mother’s Day

Mothers spend every minute of their lives caring for us, loving us, working for us and dreaming for us- from the moment they start expecting us our mothers stop living for themselves and start living for us. We often get so busy with our own lives that we lose track of just how much our mums give up for us to make sure our biggest dreams and smallest whims come to life. On this one day of the year, put everything else aside and make your mother feel like the queen she is with the biggest, most beautiful and most perfect bouquet ever!

Put some thought into planning the bouquet- after all your mother has put tremendous thought into even the smallest decisions she makes for you. You probably know what your mother’s favourite flowers are; if not, find out a few months before the day so that she doesn’t suspect anything.

Also, don’t just stop at the flowers. Get her something special, like a pendant with the photo of the two of you or make her a memory album to mark all your best times together.


No wedding is complete without flowers. From flowers in the form of corsages and boutonnieres for the wedding party to the bridal bouquet, there is no wedding that can take place without its very own floral details. If you want to take the tradition a step further, order a surprise bouquet for your beloved and have it delivered to their room on the morning of the wedding. It’ll represent your enthusiasm for starting your life together and will make them look forward to seeing you! And it’s a beautiful way of saying you are thinking of them!


Flowers have since time immemorial been the secret language of lovers. In the olden days when lovers could not be quite as forward and open about their feelings as they are today, they relied on flowers to convey the sentiments they could not put into words. Flowers have long been the penultimate of all romantic gestures.

Whether you have been together for five months or five years or five decades, mark your love each year by presenting your partner with gorgeous blooms. From conventional choices like roses to more original and unique flower arrangements, keep the tradition of gifting flowers alive over time.

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