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How To Properly Arrange Artificial Flowers

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Handling the arrangement of artificial flowers is not the same as the one of fresh flowers. There are other priorities in it and some considerable differences that you need to be aware of. This article will take you through the essential parts of the process of arranging artificial flowers.

-Keep in mind that all artificial flower material as well as the foam that you must use in order to take care of them is very light. In order to handle that problem you will have to add some weight to your container. The best way to do that is by placing it is bottom sand or small rocks. This way the container will be stable and you won‘t have to be afraid of unfortunate accidents. If you have a glass vase for your flower you will have to be more careful about the type of stones or sand you will put. Make sure they are pretty and that they add to the overal beauty of the image of the vase and the flower in it.

-When you are cutting down stems, you need to make a clean cut so always count on something that you are sure its going to work nicely. Avoid scissors even if it is a brand new one and trust stronger cutting tools like wire cutters for instance. On the other hand, if you want to lengthen the stems of your flowers you can use the so-called floral picks or you can attach to the stem another stem which you have cut off. Regardless of what you choose to lengthen your stem with you need to attach it with a wire and then cover the place with a special floral tape. Then your flower will be ready to be put in the vase and sparkle with its beauty in your home.

-Remember that when you use wire for any reason whatsoever, regardless if it is for your flower in the vase or in a floral arrangement you must cover it skillfully enough because the very look of wire in your flowers will kill any positive effect. Cover it with tape or use green wires that are difficult to be distinguished because of their color.

-Remember that since artificial flowers are not real, you can basically decorate and cut them in whatever way you like so use this freedom and your imagination to come up with something truly spectacular. Still, do not make something that is too crazy. Make it look natural but always try to add something unearthly and special but never go too far.

-Apart from hiding any wires you will be applying to the flowers you need to also hide the foam itself with little stones and marble pieces. If you manage to arrange them neatly on the bottom of the vase you will not only manage to hide the foam but you will also increase the beauty of the flower in the vase.

-If you are sure that you will keep some sort of a flower arrangement pemanently you just as well use glue in order to put it firmly in place for the future months. Use white or hot glue and then insert them into the foam where they will remain still.

-Artificial flowers are very easy to get cleaned by simply submurging them into hot water mixed with soup but in order to save yourself from disassembling an arrangement and then putting it back together just use a hairdryer to gently blow the dust and filth off.

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