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How To Preserve Wedding Bouquets

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Most people spend months and months preparing for their wedding day – it’s known as “the big day” and no wonder as no other day compares to this one. It’s the day when two people promise to stay together for a lifetime in front of their friends and family, surrounded by beautiful decoration. The wedding ceremony and the wedding reception are equally important for the couple and their relatives and they require a considerable preparation. Depending on the size of the wedding, this preparation could go on for months and months and cost a real fortune. However, considering that most people believe this will be their one and only wedding, they are more than ready to spend as much as necessary just to make sure that they will have the wedding of their dreams. Having a great wedding is every couple’s dream as they will remember this day forever. How can you make sure that your wedding is exquisitely beautiful and impressive? The decoration is one of the integral parts of the wedding and a major part of it is the flower decoration which requires a considerable budget as well.

Flowers are important symbols of the marriage union, devotion and eternal love and therefore they are present throughout the ceremony and the reception. The flower elements for the wedding day are numerous: the traditional bridal bouquet (which takes a long time to be chosen and has to comply with the theme and the wedding dress), the table centerpieces (the biggest and most visible parts of the flower decoration, used for the reception), the corsages, the bridesmaids’ bouquets (chosen along with their dresses), the flower girl’s basket, the garlands (if any), the bouquets and petals which decorate the wedding hall and many more. Preserving the beauty and freshness of these flowers is an important task, otherwise the appeal will be simply ruined. One of the ways to preserve the flower decoration is on your own (using flower food, big buckets of cold water and having a cool and well-aired room where to store them all); the other way is to hire a professional florist who will take care of the entire process of delivering, arranging and preserving the flowers for the event so that they stay fresh and beautiful throughout the wedding day. There are great services for flowers delivery and organization. It’s probably the easiest way since the bride and the groom will be quite busy with all the other things. Decide who will take care of the flowers and make sure you have the florist’s phone number on speed dial. Weddings are quite hectic and sometimes things go wrong even with the perfect preparation. Make sure you stay calm and if you have somebody taking full responsibility of the flower decoration, you can easily shift your focus to another part of the wedding organization.

Professional preservation of wedding flowers usually includes dry freezing and then transporting the flowers to the wedding venue. The price of preserving the wedding flowers varies – it depends on the location, the size and type of decoration. Special glass enclosures have to be used for the careful transportation of the flowers. Make sure you consider this when determining your wedding budget.

Since flower decoration is the most important part of the wedding day, it deserves proper maintenance. There is nothing worse than a wedding where the flowers are not perfectly fresh and fragrant.

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