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How To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

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The tradition of decorating one’s home with flowers is centuries long. It’s one of the ways to have a more beautiful and harmonious looking home. Just a single flower, at the right place and in the right colour, can create a big impression and bring a completely new feel to your home. Having fresh flowers at home on a regular basis can be pricy, so one of the ways is to buy them from wholesalers or to grow them in your own garden. It also depends on the type of flowers you will choose. Some flowers, when put in water with flower food and good care, could live for more than two weeks. However, most flowers start withering after only a few days.

The beauty of the fresh flowers is undeniable – their sweet scent will bring joy to your household. If you can’t afford to decorate the house with fresh flowers, you can try using artificial ones, which is many people’s first choice. However, the effect won’t be the same and you need to make sure that you take care of them too, as they attract dust and grime.

Here are the ways in which you can decorate your home with flowers – creatively and tastefully.

Start with the foyer (entranceway) – this is the first area that your guests will see and therefore the first impression they will get from the entire home. The foyer deserves the best flowers and the sweetest fragrance. Don’t overdo the decoration though – vibrant colours are beautiful and attractive, but too much colour could also be off-putting. Use colours such as orange, yellow and brown – this is a tasteful mixture which works best for all seasons. The aim of this decoration should be to create the right impression – a feeling of friendliness and coziness – the signs of a welcoming home.

The other area that needs the right flowers is the living room – where the family gathers and feels most at home. Make sure that you create a warm atmosphere – a welcoming and positive environment for the whole family and guests. You can make a beautiful decoration by using gerbera daisies or lilies. There are plenty of flowering plants which you can use too – e.g. the kalanchoe.

Proceed with the kitchen – it is often an overlooked room at home, but it really shouldn’t be. Choose a mixture of greenery and a few fresh cuts – pale roses or carnations will work best in the kitchen.

If you have a dining room, place a round bowl full of bright flowers – red, blue and purple are great tones, especially if they complement the rest of the dining room’s decor.