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How to Arrange your Own Flowers

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You can choose to have your flowers and bouquets arranged by a florist who has been arranging flowers for years and is well experienced. You can even ask them to arrange to bouquet according to your likes and disliked. This means that you can have the perfect bouquet in minutes. However, this may cost you extra and bouquets themselves are not cheap. So in the end you are left standing at the till paying as much as your weekly shop for a bunch of flowers. Does not seem right does it?

Well, by arranging your own flowers at home, not only will you be able to get the bouquet that you always imagined, but all you would have to do is purchase the flowers, meaning that you could even end up saving some money, which is always a pleasant bonus.

In order to have the most perfect bouquet, you need to purchase the most perfect flowers. Now these flowers could be anything from Carnations to Roses. The key is to pick the flowers that you like. You may have a few favourites that you wish to include and that is fine. Just be sure that you pick colours that go well together since this is going to make your bouquet look even more attractive. You also need to decide whether you are going to include any greenery in your arrangement. Some prefer no greenery at all, whilst others like to break up the various colours with a bit of green.

You need to make sure that you have the right container to accommodate your bouquet. Flowers should not be kept in plastic containers because it will severely compromise the attractiveness of your flowers. Also, your flowers will not remain fresh for very long, meaning that they will die off a lot quicker.

The recommended storage container for flowers is a vase. No matter what style of vase you choose, you need to ensure that its size is right in order to accommodate your flowers. The neck of the vase needs to be wide enough so that all of your flowers can be placed in, without any of them getting squashed together. Flowers also need support, and this is another reason as to why your vase should be of the correct size. A vase needs to be as tall as half of the length of the arrangement.

Now that you have your favourite flowers and a perfectly sized vase, it is time to prepare your flowers to be arranged. All flower stems should be cut at the bottom at a forty five degree angle. Since this increases the surface area of the bottom of the stem, it is going to promote water uptake, which will keep your flowers fresher for longer.
Cut some stems shorter than others This is going to prevent your flowers from bunching together, and will also form a more spread out, open arrangement which looks more attractive.

Fill your vase up about two thirds of the way using lukewarm water. You may wish to add flower or plant food, or use a little bleach, baking soda or any other home remedies that are going to promote flower freshness and growth.
Now you can arrange all flowers until you are happy with what you see.

Find a light, airy location for you to place your flowers. Arrangements are made to be seen, so do not keep your beautiful flowers hidden away in the corner of a room.

Next, sit back, grab yourself a beverage and enjoy the beautiful view.