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Posy? Nosegay? Biedermeier? How to choose? Call Flowers By Post today to find out exactly the right choice for your hand-tied bouquet, whether it is for a wedding or a confirmation, or even as a decoration for your home. Our florists are ready to answer any questions you have about hand-tied bouquets and other floral arrangements, and we offer the best price and the best delivery options of any of the flower delivery companies around. Call now on ‎020 3900 2441 to find out for yourself.

If you are in the midst of planning a wedding, then you have probably already spent plenty of time poring over bridal magazines to determine all the details from the menu to the location to the dress and the flowers. You may want all of the flowers in your wedding to be a certain colour or a certain type. If this is the case, then you will most likely carry a bouquet that will reflect the rest of the flowers in the church or the event space. Some brides carry large bouquets, others carry small posies or nosegays. Still others choose Biedermeiers for something a little different. But where to start? How do you know what is the right arrangement for you?

Begin by searching the Internet and finding an arrangement that you like the look of. You can view all of our pre-designed hand-tied bouquets and select a style you like. But if you are still unsure of what is the best choice for you and your special day, call us up and discuss it with an expert. We’re happy to help. Here’s some information, however, that might be useful for you when making the decision about your hand-tied bouquets. The three main types are the Posy, the Nosegay and the Biedermeier and each has its uniquet attributes.

Posies are a bit of a throwback to the Victorian age, when lovers courting one another would send each other posies with hidden meanings in the symbolism of the flowers. A lot could be sent with this simple floral gift without writing anything down and without any words passing between them. The stems of the flowers in a Posy are traditionally cut short, a little bit longer than the width of a person’s palm, for instance. They are wrapped together with floral wire and tightly wound with tape and ribbon, creating a neat little package that can easily be held. This type of hand-tied bouquet is favoured by brides the world over for the clean lines that it offers. Usually, the leaves have been clipped or are only seen behind the blossoms and the effect is a ‘ball’ of beautiful flowers.

Nosegays are quite similar to Posies, but they have the addition of tulle behind the arrangement of the flowers. The tulle can complement or enhance the flowers, depending on the colour you choose, just like the ribbon used to tie the Posies can enhance the beauty of the blossoms themselves. In weddings, Nosegays are often the hand-tied bouquets that bridesmaids or flower girls carry and they can be created to match the bouquet that the bride will be holding. Beidermeiers are the third type of hand-tied bouquets that are popular options for weddings the world over. These Posies are tied in much the same way as the others, with floral wire, tape and ribbon, but the blossom are arranged in concentric rings, so that each ring is made up a Beautiful Hand Tied Bouquetsdifferent colour or a different blossom. The mult-layered effect can be achieved with many different types of blossoms and these hand-tied bouquets are a great way of incorporating different, but complementary types of flowers.

For a wedding, a christening, a baby shower a confirmation or any other event, hand-tied bouquets can lend elegance and sophistication. For a wedding, all of the centerpieces can be hand-tied for a smooth look that will complement the bridal bouquet. In your home or for a garden party, hand-tied bouquets are the bundles of colour that can really set the festive mood. The clean lines are achieved by reducing the amount of green that is showing and by tightly binding the stems together. Not all hand-tied bouquets have short stem, however. We offer a wide range of hand-tied bouquets for all occasions, and we can create them from virtually any blossom you prefer. A long-stemmed hand-tied bouquet is just as elegant as a short-stemmed one is sweet.

For your next party or even, order your hand-tied bouquets from our website. But if you are still not sure what the right choice is for you and your special day, whether a wedding or a garden party, give us a ring on ‎020 3900 2441. Our floral experts will act as your bouquet consultants, helping you choose the right blossoms, the right style of hand-tied bouquet and the right number of arrangements for any event. They will do it all for the right price, too.

When it comes to delivery, no other floral delivery company in the UK can offer better services. Our arrangements arrive exactly when you need them, having been created especially for you the day before. They won’t sit around chilling for days before they are placed in your hands – they will be made to order every time. Our customers keep coming back to us for all their floral delivery needs, and although hand-tied bouquets are not what you will probably need delivered every day, there is no better place to order them than from the experts you rely on for all your flowers. We source only the best and freshest flowers so your bouquets are always full of the most beautiful blossoms. Why trust your special day or party decor to a company that cannot guarantee freshness? Trust your flower delivery needs to Flowers By Post and you will get the best hand-tied bouquets you can imagine. It’s our promise to our customers, and we promise satisfaction each and every time you order from us.

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