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Growing Flowers

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Growing Flowers

The art of growing flowers has the goal of meeting the demand for fresh and beautiful flowers for all sorts of occasions. This craft of creating beauty and spreading it is one of the oldest works of people. Many people turn growing flowers into a hobby and from a hobby into a full-time job. It is an activity for people who simply love flowers and admire their beauty. In order to meet the huge demands of fresh-cut flowers worldwide, growers take care of big commercial gardens, growing varieties of flowers. Growing flowers requires skills, knowledge, patience, care and love. Without one of these factors, it won’t be successful. Having a flower garden can be a true adventure, especially for those who simply love flowers. Flowers fall into three major categories: perennials, biennials and annuals. There is a big variety of sorts that you can grow in the very beginning. Annual flowers are grown from seeds, they flower in the same year and then they die. Perennials start from a seed too and they re-grow each year. Biennials grow into small plants the same year you plant them. In the next year they bloom and after that they perish.

You might be thinking: why grow flowers? The reasons are numerous. In general, growing flowers is true magic. The whole process from preparing the soil to planting, watering, weeding and seeing the flower in full bloom is simply wonderful. Here are some of the top reasons why people grow flowers:
• Flowers are beautiful and make our world a better place.
• Flowers have a nice fragrance, which makes people happier.
• Flowers can tell the season.
• Flowers attract small predators which kill pests and thus preserve your garden.
• Flowers like lupins, sweet peas, woad, wisteria and broom can fertilize the garden.
• Flowers ensure that you will have seeds, so you can replant the garden.
• Most of the flowers have uses in the kitchen or in medicine.
• Flowers make any room or office brighter, cleaner and nicer.
• You can easily make someone smile and feel happier by giving them flowers.

The Basic Factors of Growing Flowers
Generally speaking, a grower of flowers should consider four essential factors: temperature, moisture, light and fertilizer should be at optimum levels.
• Good Light: The types of flowers you will be able to grow generally depend on the location of your garden.
• Favourable Moisture: How much water the garden needs is based on the amount of sunlight falling on the flowers. Some flowers need more water than others in order to have fresh blossoms.
• Suitable Temperature: The temperature is connected to the sun as well, which depends on the location of the flower garden. It is vital to plan the location accordingly to be able to grow more types of flowers.
• Proper Fertilizer: If you don’t know the type of soil in the garden, bring a sample to a local florist or garden centre, or buy a test kit to do it yourself. Knowing the specifics of the soil (acid, sand, clay) will help you choose the proper fertilizer.

Selecting Flowers to Grow
Having a careful selection and then growing the flowers usually has the best results. Base your choice on the following criteria:
• Native flowers make for a safe option.
• Consider the longevity of the types of flowers you are interested in.
• Grow flowers that are popular and have a high value, especially if you want to have a commercial flower garden.

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