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Flowers that say 'I am sorry'

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People make mistakes and sometimes words are not enough to apologize for the wrong things you have done. Very often the offense has been so big and we have hurt the person so much that we don’t know what to say and how to express our regret from the wrongdoings. Sometimes it is just difficult to find the appropriate words to express our feelings, which is why presents are often used as a way to apologize. However, an even better way to convey your regrets is to give flowers. Flowers have been used very often to show your feelings of love, admiration and friendship. Yet, they can also very clearly express your feelings of regrets when you want to apologize for wrongdoings.

Here is a list of some gorgeous flowers, with which you can say ‘I am sorry’.

White chrysanthemum

Apart from being a perfect sign for your love and adoration, white chrysanthemum can very clearly convey your feelings of regret for doing something wrong. If you have had the first fight with your girlfriend, you will not be forgiven only by saying how much you are sorry, you are going to need more than that. Women value romantic gestures and an original ways of showing your feelings. There is no better way to say ‘’I am sorry’’ than to give your lady a beautiful bouquet of white chrysanthemum.

Perfect Hyacinth Bouquet

Truth is , no matter what horrible things you have done, a sincere apology can erase the wrongdoings. Say how much you are sorry, by presenting a beautiful bouquet of purple hyacinth. As a matter of fact, purple hyacinth symbolize apology and asking for forgiveness, which makes them perfect choice for that occasion. Their striking beauty will make anyone forget any offense.

Red Roses

Red roses have always been known as a symbol of passionate love. Show your loved one how much you still love her and accompany the bouquet with an I am sorry card. Furthermore, women adore red roses, so you cannot go wrong with these flowers. However, it is really important to give a bouquet of 50 red roses, which are a symbol of unconditional love. Depending on what you want to express with your bouquet, always have in mind the number of roses in your bouquet.

Purple Flower Bouquet

Being a symbol of youth and feminine beauty, purple flower bouquet could make the perfect apology to your lady. You can have a beautiful bouquet of purple daisy, hydrangea, purple lilac and purple orchids. All these flowers represent the feminine beauty and gentleness of the woman’s character. Remind your lady how much you love her gentles and elegance, by giving her a beautiful and colorful purple flower bouquet.

Pink Daisy

If you want to make sure that you will be forgiven and your sincere apology will be accepted, the flowers you are going to give need to be meaningful and convey your feelings in the best way. A beautiful bouquet of pink daisies can make the perfect apology, while at the same time symbolizing unfading loyalty and everlasting love. Truth is , the ideal way to apologize for a wrongdoing is reminding the person of your true and unconditional love.

There is nothing worse than having a fight with a loved one. After that , there is the feeling of regret and blame, which makes it difficult to find the right way to apologize. This is why, very often after a fight men buy the most beautiful presents they can think of to make their ladies forget about their wrongdoings. However, there is no better way to say ‘I am sorry’, than to give a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers.

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