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Flowers for Different Occasions

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Flowers for Different Occasions

Flowers are perfect as both gifts and decorations for every occasion, event and party imaginable and this is why we love them so much. There is so much variety in the flowers available, the colours they come in and the ways in which they are presented and decorated that you are sure to find something to suit both the occasion and the recipient. Furthermore, flowers are very symbolic, certain flowers have various meanings attached to them, so you can convey your feelings within your choice of flowers.

Birthday Flowers

Flowers make an ideal birthday present, especially if you do your homework and get the recipients favourite flowers and colours. Flowers are also perfect in situations where you do not know the recipient very well and therefore buying them something personal like clothes or a CD would be very difficult, whereas buying flowers is relatively easy…everybody likes flowers!
If you are decorating for a birthday party, you can add a few vases of flowers or potted plants around the venue, especially if you are celebrating an adult rather than children’s birthday, and want to keep to a classy and sophisticated feel.

Anniversary Flowers

Remind your wife or husband of your ever-growing love on your anniversary by having a bunch of her favourite flowers delivered to her. If she doesn’t have a favourite flower in particular, send roses or red flowers symbolising love. Consider the meanings behind the flowers and the colours you choose to truly symbolise your love.
If you are planning an anniversary dinner why not have a vase or two of flowers scattered about, or petals littering the dinner table, any kind of flower or plant that you add will add romance to the evening.

Valentines Day Flowers

When you are considering what flowers to send your valentine first consider your relationship. Even if you already know that you want to stick to traditional roses, the colour you choose is symbolic of your relationship with the recipient. More than one colour symbolises a union of two people, therefore this would be ideal. Red roses, for example represent a passionate and true love, lavender roses represent love at first sight, peach roses represent a hidden love, etc.

Mothers Day Flowers

For mother’s day why not buy or send your mom a bouquet of flowers, choose her favourite flowers and in the colours she likes most. You can get these delivered which is ideal for if you are unable to be with your mother on mother’s day.

Buy vibrant and bright colours flowers in oranges and yellows to congratulate someone on something special.

Thank you Flowers

Give the person you want to thank a bouquet of bright pink flowers, the colour represents gratitude, include things like roses which in bright pink show recognition to the receiver.

Flowers for the arrival of a baby

Blue and turquoise flowers represent new beginnings, something extraordinary, fertility and abundance. You could add a balloon to the bouquet, most florists have baskets available that include a teddy bear or some other token gift.

Funeral and With Sympathy Flowers

Use flowers to express your true feelings, your sympathy and sorrow, and also to offer support to the deceased family and let them know you are thinking of them. You can get flowers delivered to the funeral home or the deceased family home, and can get a variety of arrangements and designs. Ideal flowers for a funeral are black roses, some people buy white flowers, as the funeral is a celebration of the deceased’s life and the flowers are supposed to be what they would like, don’t shy away from using bright colours in your spray.

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