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If you are one of those people who tend to spend hours walking from one floral shop to another searching for the best birthday bouquet and you never seem to choose right, maybe it’s time to read some tips on this matter. Choosing the right flowers depends on your budget, what the person you are getting them for prefers and your personal taste. Flowers send out strong messages and if you want to make the right choice, seek some information on symbolism of flowers. You are definitely not the only one struggling with choosing birthday flowers. Even a single bouquet can make a great present, so pick the right bouquet of fresh, fragrant, beautifully-colored flowers for your loved one.

Sending flowers for a birthday is the easiest way to manage, especially when you are out of time or unable to visit that person. Ordering flowers has never been easier – you can choose from huge varieties of types, colours and arrangements. You can even add a gift and a card. For the birthday of your mother choose a big beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers or a nice plant.

Buying birthday flowers for that special someone shouldn’t be hard either. Choose an arrangement of red roses or her favourite flowers. If you really wish to surprise them, have the flowers arranged in a basket, add chocolates and a stuffed animal or a bottle of fine wine. You may think this arrangement is a big cliche, but there isn’t a single woman that wouldn’t appreciate such a birthday surprise.

Especially when you can’t be there in person, make sure that the birthday flowers you are sending will make a big statement and words wouldn’t be needed afterwards. Most of us communicate with grandparents only through the phone or email, so when their birthday is approaching it’s the right time to choose a fine bouquet and surprise them with a delivery. You can also surprise them by sending them the flowers and then arriving in person to greet them. If you are buying flowers from a floral shop, make sure you go early in the morning for a better chance of getting the freshest flowers. Same applies to buying from wholesalers – the freshest flowers get bought quite quickly. If you’ve had a misunderstanding with a colleague, for instance, their birthday is a great chance to say sorry and sort things out. Choose a stylish bouquet that is not too big or a plant for their office and send it. This would be a nice surprise and will prove that you can be the bigger person. If you have a valuable business client or partner, get informed on their birthday dates and make sure you send flowers.

There is a common rule that flowers shouldn’t be given to men, but a man doesn’t have to carry the flower around and feel awkward. Send them to their office as a symbol of valuing the partnership or friendship and the bouquet will nicely adorn their office without looking strange. Of course, if you want to make a bouquet look manlier, choose a dark blue, dark green or grey wrapping paper and avoid too many ribbons. You can also add a bottle of wine or champagne and you can rest assured that it will be much appreciated. Another great option is to include some kind of symbol of their zodiac sign. Each month is represented by a specific colour and flower so that is also a good idea. The more creative and thoughtful the flowers are, the better and longer the impression will be.

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