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Fresh flowers are a delight! They are very attractive and that is why we love keeping them in our homes. Their pleasant smells and fragrances make our homes smell great. Moreover, they are the best accessories to brighten up any room, anywhere.

Fresh flowers are widely available and can be bought from many different locations other than florists. Nowadays, even petrol stations offer flowers! If you grow your own flowers, you could simply cut a few stems off put them in a vase. Either way, getting a hold of fresh flowers is not a colossal task.

If you wish to keep fresh flowers, you will want to keep them looking great and fresh for as long as possible. This article will discuss methods that can be used to maintain your fresh flowers for as long as possible.

To have flowers that remain fresher for longer, it is always best to start off with flowers that are as fresh as they can be. After all, if you start off with the freshest flowers, you will be able to keep them for longer. This can be achieved by getting them straight from your garden. However, if you do not grow your own flowers, then you can purchase the highest quality, freshest flowers from the a good florist.

Make sure that you have a vase at the ready which is big enough to hold all of your flowers, whilst also being able to support them. Always make sure that your vase is clean before your place your flowers in it, since any bacteria left in the vase will start attacking your flowers the minute they are in the vase and this will affect the freshness of your flowers.

Your vase should always be filled with warm water at first. You do not want to add too much or too little water to vase. Use a volume which will cover approximately five inches of the stem once the flowers have been placed in the vase. To this water, you can add bleach, plant food, flower food or any other items that help maintain flower freshness and life.

You have to prepare your flowers before you can place them in the vase. Start off by filling a large container with cold water. The stems should be held under the water for a while before you begin to cut the stems. Trim your stems using a sharp pair of scissors which have neat edges to avoid crushing your stems. Stems need to be cut to make an arrangement look a lot fuller and well spaced out. Another reason as to why stems need to be cut is to increase the surface area of the base of the stem to encourage water uptake. This is why it is crucial that you cut your stems at forty five degree angles.

After placing all the flowers in the vase, if you find that there are numerous leaves that are overlapping or are dipping in the water, instantly remove them. Leaves contain the most bacteria, and these bacteria will attack your plant and cause plant disease, which will not keep your flowers fresh for very long.

Fresh water is crucial to prolong the life of your flowers. Replace the water on a daily basis. You can add bleach, plant food or crushed up aspirin to the water on a regular basis as this is also going to maintain you flowers.

Maintaining fresh flowers will mean that you are not left running to the florist every other day having to purchase new flowers to replace the dead ones.

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