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Five Popular Easter Flowers and the Symbolism Behind Them

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Easter is a celebration of a new life and a feast day that occurs in spring, it is only fitting that flowers are used to adorn homes and to be given as gifts during this time. The Christian feast of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who days earlier had been Crucified and laid to rest. Today, Easter is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians over the world and usually with the gifting of chocolate eggs. It has now also become customary to gift family members and friends with flowers at Easter. Here you will discover the most popular Easter flowers and the symbolism behind them.


As one of the first perennials to bloom after winter, the daffodil has come to be associated with new beginnings and hope. The vibrant yellow blooms of the daffodil will brighten up your home and the homes of those to whom you gift them. Many Easter dinner tables are adorned with stunning arrangements of these vibrant flowers, and they are also one of the traditional Easter flowers that children gift to parents on Easter Sunday.

Easter Lilies

The elegant Easter Lilly gained its name from being appointed the official flower of Easter. Its white petals are thought to portray purity, and the flower is also associated with spirituality, hope and new life. The pretty flower held religious meanings before its affiliations with Easter. Some people believe that the Easter lily sprung from the ground where Eve’s tears fell as she was cast out of the garden of Eden. The Easter Lily has also adopted political connotations in recent times and is worn by Irish citizens in remembrance of the people, who killed during the Easter Rising of 1916.

cheap bouquets delivered by postTulips

The meaning of tulips has always been perfect love. With such a meaning, it is clear why tulips are associated with Easter. Christians believe that Jesus Christ gives perfect love to all sinners and saints alike. Therefore, the tulip, in all its array of colours, is the perfect floral gift to send to friends, family, and romantic partners at Easter time. The springtime flower is available in gorgeous shades of purple, pink, red, yellow, purple, black, white, and combined hues.


These flowers symbolise heartfelt emotions, and so if you receive these, you be certain that the sender’s intents are sincere. Hydrangeas are available in an array of beautiful colours from pinks and blues to green, purple, lavender and white. The huge blooms make for a striking centre-piece on the Easter dinner table and also look wonderful placed in vases around your home. These flowers tend to bloom from late spring to early summer and are therefore likely to be used as decoration when Easter falls later on in springtime.


Symbolising femininity, softness, and also, great wealth, the Azalea hails from the rhododendron genus. There are over 1000 varieties of this flower with several different colours available. Azaleas can present in vivid red, yellow, or purple, and can also be purchased in paler hues such as pastel pinks and white. White azaleas make for an extremely attractive table centrepiece for Easter lunch, and a colourful bouquet of assorted azaleas will be a welcome gift this Easter time.

Whether you are searching for a floral gift to send to friends and family you may not see this Easter, or you want to present your host with a thoughtful bunch of blooms on your arrival for Easter Day dinner, our list will help. Choose from our top-five pick of Easter flowers for the perfect gift this season.