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Decorating with Sunflowers

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Sunflowers are the perfect choice for summer decorations to make your home look bright and cheery. Its beautiful yellow petals conjure up delightful images of sunny days and barbecues. So instead of staring at your sunflowers in the garden, why don’t you bring them indoors and bring the summer with you into your home? It doesn’t really matter whether they are home grown or bought from your florist, either way; they require a lot of sunshine so it is important that you place them near to a window where there is sunlight so that their blooms open fully.

Sunflowers add a harvest theme to your home, giving it a country home appearance. A quick and easy way to add sunflowers to your home is by placing some in a large vase. Place the vase in a room you see on a regular basis so it will instantly perk you up. How about the kitchen? You could really give your home a rustic appearance by placing the sunflowers in an unconventional container like an old watering can.

Another way to decorate with these beautiful flowers is to create a wreath out of them, using dried sunflowers. Place your wreath on near the fireplace, on your door or on your wall. Instead of starting from scratch, you could purchase an already made wreath and add artificial sunflowers on to it using hot glue.

Or how about framing one? Dry out a large sunflower and place it in a large photo frame.

You could also blend your sunflowers with other flowers in a large colored vase to add vibrancy to your home. Sunflowers also look great merged with black and white. So consider placing them in black or white vases. A single sunflower would look wonderful placed in a single stemmed black or white vase.

Using different containers to hold sunflowers is another option to choose from. Get creative and see what you can come up with. Sunflowers can look great placed in tubs, old watering cans, baskets and glass bottles. To add a farmhouse style to your house, place them in ceramic pitchers or colored buckets.

However, despite sunflowers looking magnificent most of the time, you do not want to overdo it. Be subtle with the way you use them. By overwhelming your rooms with sunflowers, it will completely ruin the look and reverse its results. Whatever the natural theme of your home, you want your sunflowers to blend in well and not stand out too much. To do this, only add a small amount of sunflowers to each room. Let it blend in – not stand out.

In addition to these handy decorating tips, you could also think about purchasing flower designed house essentials. Consider buying sunflower patterned hand towels for the bathroom and make an aromatic basket full of pauperize and add dried sunflowers to the mixture. As for your kitchen, purchase sunflower printed curtains to brighten to the room up. There are so many ways you can decorate with sunflowers.

With spring just around the corner, you want your home blending in with the season. Sunflowers are the perfect flowers to create that rustic, country feeling that comes with spring. What makes sunflowers stand out from the rest is their magnificent orange petals and fresh scent. They add a dash of color to your home and get it looking cheerful and chirpy, so consider decorating with sunflowers. Adding a sunny sunflower theme to your home will certainly brighten up your day and your mood. They are bold and cheerful and can brighten up any space in the house.