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Common Myths about Flowers and Houseplants

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online florist in LondonMany people love the idea of having flowers delivered to their home, but just as many are put off because they don’t think they can look after them. There are some odd myths out there about flowers and houseplants, but the truth is that there is a suitable option for almost everyone. We wanted to put some of the myths to bed so that you can order plants or flowers by post with a basic understanding of what it takes to look after them and keep them healthy.
Water types
Not all types of water are created equal when it comes to flower and plant care. There is a myth out there that flowers prefer highly distilled, purified water to your regular tap stuff. That is simply not true. In fact, in many cases, purified water can be damaging to a lot of houseplants. Unless you live somewhere with a particularly unusual composition in your water, then the liquid from your tap will do just fine.  
Pot size
If you want to encourage a plant to grow to a bigger size, you just put it in a bigger pot right? Not necessarily. There are some plants and flowers that will take advantage of the pot and soil available, but most plants have a pretty set growth rate, so it wouldn’t matter if you put it in a regular pot or gave it its acre of land, it still wouldn’t grow beyond its natural state. The best way to tell if your flowers or plants need more space is to see if it outgrows the pot you have for it, in that case, you may have potted it in a too small container. You can also talk to a qualified florist for advice if you are not sure.
Reasons for wilting plants
Most people assume that when a plant begins to wilt, it is because it hasn’t had enough water. Then they go into overdrive, watering it non-stop. But plants aren’t often wilting because of a lack of water, in fact, with many new plant owners, it is the reverse - because they have overwatered.
send flowers onlineThey need regular watering
Plants are very clever things and will give their owners lots of hints about what they need, and if the soil is dry, that is the sign that more water is needed. Other than that, it is probably quite happy. So, although there is lots of advice out there suggesting owners water their flowers and plants regularly, the best option is actually to just observe your plant and get to know what it needs. Each plant will be different based on the type it is, where it is located, how it is being grown, and what the environment is like. So while having some advice is helpful, it is often best to try a few things out yourself and see what works. If you are struggling, you could take a photo to your local flower shop for some expert advice.
No plants are safe for pets
Many pet owners avoid getting flowers delivered or having house plants because they worry that all plants will poison their furry family members. But this is not true. There are plenty of plants that are safe to have around pets, but you do need to be careful about which ones you select. Be particularly careful to avoid things like lilies, tulips, alstroemeria, peonies, peace lilies and dracaenas. Again, check with an expert before buying your plants, to make sure everyone benefits from them in the home.

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