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The internet is becoming progressively used more and more, especially in terms of internet shopping, and the scope of what we can buy on the internet is getting wider. Flowers are no exception, with a number of online florists offering a wide range of flowers, online payment and direct delivery to the recipient, more people are choosing to abandon their local florists.

Where you buy your flowers from very much depends on what exactly it is you need, i.e. what types of flowers and in what quantity. If you are considering purchasing flowers off the internet rather than going to a local florist you will most likely want some more information, therefore, to help you to make an informed decision, here are some pro’s and con’s to ordering flowers off the internet.

- Online florists offer a wide range of flowers: As online florists purchase from various different suppliers they usually have a wider range of flowers from around the globe. Furthermore, online florists tend to be able to offer custom-made arrangement’s for more specific requirements or that unique touch.

- Finding unique flowers: the best way to find a bouquet with a specific unique flower in it is to search online, this is much quicker than calling around florists in the hope they have it in stock.

- More Stock: an online florist may be expecting a higher volume of orders and therefore will usually have more flowers in stock, whereas smaller florists run out of flowers more easily. Buying flowers off the internet avoids disappointment.

- More time efficient: Florists are open 9am-5pm weekdays, i.e. when we work and at various times on the weekend, but as our schedules become increasing busier it may not be possible to get to a florist during its opening hours. When ordering from an on-line florist, you can do so at a time convenient for you, as the service is available all day-every day. If you want to speak to a member of staff, however, you will need to call during the hours specified on their website.

- Convenience: Online florists make purchasing flowers extremely easy. Not only can you do it all from your armchair, but you can also choose the card and have it printed and attached to the flowers. You can have the flowers delivered directly to the recipient, meaning you don’t have to worry about transporting them or keeping them fresh and undamaged while waiting to give them to the receiver.

- Extras: Online florists are able to offer extra’s than most local florists are not. For example, decorations to go inside the bouquet such as butterflies on sticks etc. Many also now offer additional products such as chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, cake’s and much more. Making this ideal as a last minute idea for a forgotten birthday or anniversary.

- Slightly increased costs: Online florists are convenient, and as such they come with at a slightly higher cost attached for the extra things that they have to do, further to this you will be charged for delivery. This being said, online florists often give out discounts and have sales on that could end up saving you money (even including the delivery charges).

- Photographs of flowers: Seeing a photograph gives you an idea as to what flowers and what style the bouquet is, however, you are never quite sure how the actual bouquet will vary from that on your computer screen.

- The Experience: Some people enjoy going to the florist, choosing the flowers themselves, and being able to pick the freshest most beautiful flowers. This something you will never be able to do online.