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Birthday Flowers - Choosing the Ideal Flowers

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Whether you urgently need to choose flowers for a friend or a loved one’s birthday, or you simply want to acquire the skill of right choosing so you are always prepared, the following ideas will help you stay top of the game and be confident when choosing flowers. We often spend a long time thinking what to get someone for their birthday. Well, why not order flowers delivery and surprise them in a unique way. You may think: how do I choose the right flowers, I know nothing of flowers. There is no need to worry, as choosing flowers for online delivery has never been an easier task. With the huge variety of online shops and comparison sites, you can quickly find the right delivery services and the best bouquet or flower gift set.

The tradition of giving flowers actually dates centuries back and everyone knows that it’s the ultimate proof of caring, friendship and affection. Giving flowers is also an elegant way to surprise a relative, a colleague or even a business partner. Flowers are always appreciated and if chosen rightly, they make a great long-lasting impression. Birthday flowers don’t have to be just bouquets, it can be a single flower in a box, or a plant.

It can also be a set of flower and chocolates or wine. There are plenty of choices when you order online so you simply can’t go wrong. The art of giving flowers allows various combinations as long as you keep in mind the occasion and how close the person is to you. In fact, there is a flower which represents each month and there is also a color scheme you can consider. If you want to show the person you are giving flowers too, that you really care and put some effort when choosing, the gesture will mean even more. You can choose a flower that represents the month they are born in or their zodiac sign.

Here are some of the popular suggestions:

JANUARY: For birthdays in the first month of the year, you can choose white flowers; great choice are Snowdrops or Carnations. They can be arranged in a box or a basket.

FEBRUARY: The best flowers for this month are Violets and Primroses. Don’t forget that it’s also Valentine’s Day in February, so go extra brave when choosing flowers for that special someone in your life.

MARCH: For the beginning of spring the best colour for flowers is yellow. Order a bouquet of fresh Daffodils and you won’t go wrong.

APRIL: For this month a super choice is pink: daisies and sweet peas are perfect for April.

MAY: For the birthdays in May pick up the lovely Lily of the valley or Hawthorn.

JUNE: For the beginning of summer the best colour is red and you choose among a variety of beautiful flowers, the best being the English Rose.

JULY: For this month pick up a pink Larkspur.

AUGUST: We are back to the colour yellow and the classic Gladioli or Poppies for the hottest month of the year.

SEPTEMBER: The month comes with the memory of summer and the touch of autumn and the perfect flower is a purple aster. Add a birthday card in yellow or pink to brighten up even more the flowers.

OCTOBER: October’s representing colour is right orange. Choose an arrangement of Gerbera flowers, which convey positiveness and fun.

NOVEMBER: A birthday in November should be celebrated with Chrysanthemums and again – some splash of yellow.

DECEMBER: The end of the year and Christmas time is the best time for a bouquet of Narcissus.

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