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Add a little fun to your regular birthday or anniversary gift this year. Add some colourful balloons and the recipient of your gift will instantly feel younger and more joyful. Balloons bring out the child in everyone, since they can immediately transport us back to a time when tying a balloon to your wrist and watching it bounce in the breeze was so much fun. But while you are now all grown up and balloons are now a part of your children’s lives instead of yours, why not add a little joy and playfulness the next time you have a gift to give.

We are never too old to enjoy a balloon bouquet, so whether you are celebrating a child’s birthday or a grandmother’s, balloons can add a bit of festive spirit to the gift. Balloons were once the domain of just birthday parties or New Year’s Eve celebrations. They were only available in a few primary colours and were really not very exciting. Today, however, you can say anything with balloons. They come in different materials, different sizes and shapes. They can be long and thin or stout and round. Really, the type of balloon you choose to help your loved ones celebrate is up to you. The range of colours that are available from Flowers By Post reflect all the colours of the rainbow and much, much more.

Many balloons, both regular ones and metallic Mylar ones, can be printed with a phrase, a name, a note and make the gift an even more personal one. The most common phrase that we associate with balloons – and perhaps the most common celebration for which we use balloons – is ‘Happy Birthday’. But there are plenty of other things you can say with balloons as well. You can help your friends and loved ones celebrate the birth of a child, boy or girl with a lovely bouquet of balloons. You can show someone how much you care with a heart-shaped balloon that has the words ‘I Love You’ printed on it.

‘Congratulations’ is another popular sentiment to show with balloons, as we use the word for everything from weddings to graduations to performances. It all comes down to recognizing the accomplishments of those around us and helping them to feel the joy that they so deserve. But giving your congratulations doesn’t have to be reserved for weddings and graduations. Think of all the times that you say it, and then consider adding a balloon bouquet to say it even louder. When a colleague lands that important account or closes a big deal. When your friends move into a new home or when a loved one lands that new job. All of these times warrant a hearty ‘Congratulations’ from you, and what better way to say it than with some cheerful balloons.

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