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All about White Tulips

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Some of the most loved and preferred flowers in the world are white tulips. They are true beauty to the human’s eye; these flowers welcome spring, new beginnings and warmth. The white tulip is a versatile flower, perfect for many occasions, a symbol of forgiveness, serenity and purity. The white colour is calming and divine which makes the flower a beautiful addition to any home and event. The tulip originates from Central Europe, but despite its popular association with Holland, it was actually brought to the continent by the Turks from the Persian Empire. The beauty of the white tulips has been known to men for centuries now and its appeal is undeniable. The white tulip grows best in full sun and it can reach 28 inches in height. The soil that is good for the tulips is well-drained. White tulips bloom from mid-March until late May. Plant them in late autumn, before the first frost. If you plant the white tulips from bulbs, water them abundantly before the blooming period starts. In winter, the bulbs should be humid which gives great results. White tulips fall into two categories – species and garden tulips. More than 100 species of white tulips are cultivated nowadays and available in the world. Some of them are Darwin Tulips, Cottage Tulips, Parrot Tulips and Early Tulips. The white tulip is a symbol of forgiveness and the perfect flower for saying “I am sorry” to somebody. The white tulip is a delicate and pure flower which makes a great gift for a birthday too. If you want to make your significant other feel truly worthy, give them a bouquet of beautiful white tulips. It will definitely get your message across.

Because of its simple and delicate beauty, the white tulip is a popular wedding flower. The traditional white embellishes the event beautifully and the tulip shows a good taste. The white tulip is above all, a pretty and fresh flower which has a positive effect on people’s moods. It is a true definition of beauty, creating the perfect wedding centerpieces and adorning the aisle. If you want a braver look, you can mix white and red tulips – the effect is eye-catching and memorable. There are many wedding themes which can look amazing with the help of freshly cut white tulips. On the window sills and around the tables, the tulips look beautiful in tall crustal vases and crystal bowls. For weddings, the bouquet of white tulips can be round, cascade shaped or hand-tied. Whatever the choice, the result is one – classy, stylish and romantic.

A good combination is mixing white tulips and snapdragons, red roses, yellow calla lilies or agapanthus. The elegancy of the bouquet can be finished with a simple silk ribbon forming a bow. A beautiful idea for a bride’s bouquet is white tulips with white feathers tucked between the cuts. This adds a true feminine touch and an even classier vibe.

The cut white tulips can last between a week and ten days. Place the vase in the sunlight and cut the stems as they grow an inch every day. Fresh white tulips can brighten up any room or office. Their beauty and simplicity make them some of the most sought flowers in the world. Whether you use them for adorning your home, as a gift to a lover or a friend, or at a wedding, the white tulips remains the same – classy and timeless.

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