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All about Purple Lilies

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Purple lilies are very pretty flowers – their royal colour and shape make them outstandingly beautiful and recognized all over the world. They are shaped like trumpets – like true heralds in the world of flowers. The purple lily is like a flower announcing something big and important – a celebration of new life, a wedding, a birthday or a graduation. The purple lily is a graceful and chic flower which has been in fashion for centuries and centuries. One can never get bored with a lily, especially a purple one. This prestigious flower is many people’s favourite – it brings harmony and tranquility with its gentle colour and soft and elegant petals.

Purple lilies are splendid flowers which can adorn your home or garden beautifully, as well as your home. Growing them is not very hard, as long as you provide the right conditions from the very beginning. First of all, you should plant the seeds or the bulbs about 6 inches deep in the ground. Second of all, make sure the soil is rich, acidic, well-drained and organic and there is about 6 inches between each flower as they need enough air to develop well. Third of all, the purple lilies require full sun exposure while growing, but partial shade too (ideally in the afternoon). The leaves of the purple lily are long and pointy in deep green colour. The flower blooms from the early days of summer until the early autumn. If you take good care of the flowers and they get enough water and sun throughout their growing period, they will reach up to 8 feet tall. After planting, water them well and make sure you keep them warm while they are growing.

There are many species of lily flowers and some of the most beautiful purple ones are Sorbonne, Starburst, Sarabande, Sensation and Midnight. They differ from one another in terms of shape, shade, scent and size, but they are all extremely pretty and lovely. The purple lily symbolizes royalty – it is a flower that can be used at royal ceremonies easily. It also represents purity, beauty and innocence. The purple lily is used at many different events, favored for its majestic blooms and chicness. The arrangements with purple lilies are definitely something else. They are great for formal banquets, cocktail parties, birthday parties, engagements and weddings. They simply outshine any other purple flower and bring grace, style and a royal touch to any event they adorn. In combination with pink carnations, white daisies or orange irises the effect is bright and cheerful. For a wedding you can choose between lighter or darker shades of purple lilies. The combination is electrical and mesmerizing. For weddings one of the most classical choices is purple lilies and white lilies or cream tuberoses.

The planting in a garden should be done in mid-autumn or early spring. Choose a dry and sunny place and use a fertilizer. The perfect place for them in your garden is as border flowers. When you keep purple lilies at home, place the vase in a cool place away from sources of heat and remove the pollen every couple of days. The lilies are poisonous to cats so make sure you keep them away from your pets. Purple lilies express one’s adoration when given in a bouquet to somebody you care about. They say one thing: class, sophistication and splendor.

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