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Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews
Flowers By Post
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews

Special Gifts for the Special People in Your Life

Send Flowers OnlineWhen you want to let someone you love know how much you care, there is no better gift than a delivery of fresh flowers arranged in a fabulous bouquet. When you don’t have the time to head to the shops or the money to buy pricey presents on the high street, a hand-delivered floral arrangement is a powerful gesture that you can send for less. You may be living far away from family members and friends, but you need not miss a single birthday, holiday or momentous event. You can be right there with them to share in the joy and laughter when you send a beautiful present from We have a wide range of gifts available that will fit every occasion and every sentiment, so you won’t have to wonder how to celebrate the next birthday, baby shower or Mother’s Day. Ordering flowers from us is a rewarding experience. Not only will your recipient receive a lovely floral arrangement or a combination gift with champagne, chocolates, a soft toy or balloons, but you will know that you have sent the freshest flowers at a great price. There’s no reason to choose the same old bouquets that are available at the local shops year in and year out. You can find something innovative and unique with us and your gift will be the talk of the town.

Our flowers will arrive at the door of any friend or relative you have, regardless of whether you send them to a house, a business address, a hospital room or a funeral home or church. They will be kept fresh at all times so that they arrive in peak condition, with no damage, no wilting and no discolouration. Our deliveries are always on time, as well.

Flowers By Post LondonFor just about any occasion or holiday, flowers can make the perfect present. When you know someone who is having a birthday, think flowers from our company. When it is Mother’s Day, surprise your mum with a beautiful bouquet delivered to her home. Holidays are more special when flowers are present, and they are always welcome for parties, weddings and special events. Fresh flowers can bring any room to life, creating a wonderful energy that your guests will enjoy. Flowers can be as formal or as relaxed as your event, just take a look at our online catalog to see all the different emotions that they can convey.

For saying ‘I Love You’, there are so many blossoms to choose beyond just roses and lilies. See what our creative florists have come up with to help you say ‘Congratulations’ or ‘Get Well Soon’. You will be amazed at the diversity of our arrangements and the variety of options we offer. Help your friends and loved ones celebrate the birth of a new baby, a promotion, a curtain call or a graduation, all with fresh flowers from us. Think of all the times that you would like to see a smile on someone’s face, then just add a bouquet of fresh flowers to the mix and let the magic happen! Choose seasonal flowers to keep the price down even lower. When you select a seasonal bouquet over an exotic one, you will be getting local flowers, so they will be super fresh and affordable as well. It’s never a bad time to send flowers, so choose your gift now. Show how much you care with flowers and gifts delivered by and you will never want to go to the shops for a present again.


When choosing how to send flowers, there are numerous options depending on the florist you use. One option is to send flowers by post. This means your flowers will usually be delivered via Royal Mail and will be posted through the letter box of the recipient. We send our flowers by a reliable courier service. Using a courier service enables us to ensure your chosen flowers arrive safely and on time. Our couriers are carefully selected so that we know our customers enjoy a fantastic flower delivery service. Once you have chosen you preferred bouquet, your flowers will be carefully prepared for delivery. The flowers will then be collected to be delivered on the date you have selected. By choosing our swift flower delivery options you can have your floral gift delivered the same day or next day. To find out more about our delivery options and services, visit our site.
Flowers By Post is delighted to be able to provide the cheapest flower delivery around. Our beautiful bouquets can be delivered at affordable prices for any occasion. Our prices remain low even on peak days such as Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Same day flower delivery is also available at excellent prices, no matter where you are in the UK. Finding a reputable florist with low prices can be difficult. However, once you have tried our excellent services, you will discover just how cheap and reliable flower delivery can be. Delivery options such as same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery can be expensive. However, not when you purchase flowers from Flowers By Post. Our swift delivery services are extremely affordable. This means customers can buy floral gifts for those they love, all year round.

Flowers can be delivered in a variety of ways. Some florists offer postal delivery. This is an inexpensive way to send flowers to friends and family. When sending flowers by post, the flowers will be carefully prepared for transit so they arrive looking fresh. Yet, sending flowers via a courier service can also prove to be a cost-effective way to gift blooms. When you place an order on our site, your flowers will be arranged and prepared for delivery according to the delivery option you have chosen. A trusted courier will then collect your bouquet and delivery it safely to the recipient. Our courier services are reliable and affordable. You can rely on us to always provide the cheapest prices on bouquets and delivery across the UK. Find out more by visiting our site.

If you have never ordered flowers online before, you may have some concerns. However, purchasing flowers from a reputable online florist such as Flowers By Post is a convenient way to choose and order flowers. Ordering flowers online is ideal for those that can’t shop for flowers in person. It is also perfect for those time you can’t be there to gift flowers in person. We provide flower delivery across the UK so you can send bouquets to friends and family wherever they may be. Ordering flowers online from our store also means you can ensure your floral gift arrives the same day or next day. This is convenient for those times that an important event slips your mind. As soon as you remember, you can hop onto our site and place an order for swift delivery. Shopping for flowers online at our shop saves time and money. Our online shop allows you to order flowers at any time, day or night.

When flowers aren’t sent using a courier, they may be delivered using Royal Mail. The Royal Mail postal service provides a convenient way to send flowers. Flowers sent by post are carefully packaged and boxed before being delivered. The flowers may be wrapped in tissue paper to protect them during transit. The flowers can then be arranged once received by your lucky friend or relative. These flowers will be posted through the letterbox. This is why they are sometimes referred to as letterbox flowers. Royal Mail is a trusted delivery service which is why so many florists choose to send flowers this way. Flowers delivered by Royal Mail can even me delivered the very next day.

Florists that send flowers by post package them very carefully. If you intend to send flowers by post yourself, there are steps you can take to ensure they remain intact. First choose a box that will comfortably fit the flowers you intend to send. The box should be a little more than the length of the flowers to prevent any crushing of stems and petals. Then, choose appropriate protective inner packaging. This can be packing peanuts, or even newspapers. These materials will cushion the flowers and prevent damage during transit. Seal the box appropriately. Once sealed, mark the box “fragile” and “keep this way up” to ensure delivery personnel treat the package carefully.

Flowers decline from the moment they are cut from the plant. However, certain flowers last long er than others. There are also ways in which you can keep your flowers fresh for longer. If you are looking for flowers that have the longest shelf life, select flowers like chrysanthemums, orchids, carnations, or lilies. Chrysanthemums can last as long as three weeks once cut. Orchids can also last up to three weeks when treated with care. Carnations last between one and two weeks when care for correctly. Lilies keep fresh for between 10 to 14 days. To prolong the appearance of your freshly cut flowers, change the water every other day. Adding flower food to the water can also help to keep them fresher for longer. It is also wise to keep flowers away from any sources of heat to avoid them drying out.

Flowers are adored by all manner of people, young and old. However, there are certain age groups that are more likely to buy flowers. Apparently, according to research, people between the ages of 30 and 39 are the most likely to purchase the most flowers. This may be because as we grow older, we appreciate flowers more. It could also be that people in this age group enjoy adorning their homes with flowers on a regular basis. It is thought that men are more likely to buy flowers as romantic gifts whereas women will purchase them for themselves or as gifts for platonic friends, and for their family members. As we age, we can become more appreciative of the simpler pleasures in life, and flowers are one of these pleasures. This age group also realise that there is no need to wait for someone to buy you flowers. People in this age category are also more likely to have more disposable income and therefore may tend to spend money on flowers more regularly.

There is a preconception that flowers are expensive. This could be because in the past, flowers were indeed expensive, especially when purchased from high street florists. However, this is no longer the case, especially when you purchase flowers from our online flower shop. Our fantastic collection of flowers is available at reasonable prices. We even provide discounted prices throughout our entire range. These discounts are even available on popular days such as Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It may seem that better bargains can be had when buying flowers from a supermarket rather than a florist, however, this is not strictly true. Flowers purchased from a florist have been arranged by professionals. These professionals will also be on hand to answer any queries or to provide alternative bouquets, whereas this is not possible when purchasing flowers from a supermarket.

When comparing the price of supermarket flowers with that of high street florists, it can appear that it would make more sense to buy flowers from the supermarket. However, flowers in supermarkets can be cheaper for many different reasons. When searching for flowers at a supermarket, you will soon realise that there are not as many choices as perhaps there would be at a florist. The arrangements can also be limited. In contrast with a reputable flower shop, a supermarket will not have qualified florists on hand to advise which flowers are best for certain occasions. Our online store showcases floral arrangements that have been carefully created. We also provide an extensive range of options. Supermarket flowers may not be the freshest either, which could mean that they don’t last as long as you would expect. All these reasons can lead to supermarket flowers being cheaper, but not necessarily the best option.

Different people can have assorted views on what is the best flower. However, the most popular flower has been so for decades, if not, centuries. The beautiful rose has been declared the most popular flower, and with good reason. Roses are pretty, and fragrant, and are chosen as gifts for all manner of occasions. Red roses symbilise eternal love and are given on Valentine’s Day by people all over the UK and beyond. Roses are also popular for weddings, with couples choosing white, pink, and red roses for bridal bouquets, venue decoration, and buttonholes. On Mother’s Day, mothers, and maternal figures are gifted with pink and white roses by loved ones. Yellow roses are often given among friends as this colour rose symbolises friendship. At funerals, roses are included in coffin sprays as they represent not only romantic love, but everlasting platonic love too. Roses may also be popular as although they are exceptionally beautiful, they are surprisingly affordable.

When flowers are delivered by a courier, they can be delivered at almost any time of day on the day you have selected. Sometimes the recipient is not at home. In these cases, there are a number of things that can happen. The courier may leave the flowers in a safe place such as a shed. The courier could leave the flowers with a neighbour. Alternatively, the courier may return at a later time to attempt to deliver the flowers again. The flowers may be returned to the florists from which they came. It is sensible to select a delivery day when you know the recipient will be at home. This way, the delivery won’t be delayed.

Sending flowers by post is a novel idea to some. However, sending flowers by post has been an option for a very long time. By posting flowers, the flowers are almost always guaranteed to reach the recipient. This is because the flowers are boxed and posted through the letterbox. To send flowers by post, you can do so via an online florist. Make your selection and specify the day on which you would like the flowers to be delivered. The florist will then create your bouquet before preparing the flowers for delivery. It is important that the flowers are packaged carefully to ensure they stay as fresh as possible. The flowers may be wrapped in tissue paper. The box will include protective packaging to prevent damage to the flowers during transit. The flowers will then be sent via Royal Mail and delivered through the recipient’s letterbox.

You will find there are many online florists declaring to be the best. However, we are known as go-to florist for beautiful bouquets and reliable delivery all over the UK. When looking to buy flowers online, it is important to select a florist you can trust. It is also essential to find a florist that suits your budget. Our flowers are available at amazing prices. This includes providing low-cost bouquets on popular celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Your chosen florist should also be able to provide swift flower delivery options such as same day flower delivery and next day flower delivery. We are delighted to provide an exceptional service and stunning blooms your loved ones will truly appreciate. Browse our collection and discover why so many customers choose our online store when they want to purchase top-quality blooms.

Florists can source their flowers in a number of ways. There are some florists that grow their own flowers. These florists will usually only sell in-season flowers and may have a restricted selection of blooms to offer. Other florists will purchase their flowers from flower markets. Flowers at wholesalers and markets will have been shipped from various countries. Florists will go early to select the flowers they want and there is often a huge choice of flowers available. Flowers can also be sourced directly from local flower farms. There are also florists that use all three resources to stock their shops. The great thing is that as the customer you have no need to source flowers directly as your florist will do all the hard work for you.

There may be occasions when florists will have flowers remaining at the end of the day. There are numerous ways in which florists will utilise these flowers instead of simply throwing them away. A florist may offer huge discounts on leftover flowers. It is therefore worth keeping an eye-out for end of the day bargains. Unsold flowers can also be donated to care homes, hospices, and hospitals in the local area. This is a thoughtful way to dispose of unsold flowers. A florist may choose to being the flowers home, which is one of the benefits of being a florist! The florist may decide to gift the flowers to friends and family. This is one of the benefits of being friends with a florist! When flowers cannot be sold or gifted, they can be used as fertiliser to assist with the growing of more flowers.

Receiving a bouquet is a wonderful experience. You will want to appreciate these flowers for as long as possible. There are certain steps you can take to keep your flowers looking fresher for longer. When you receive your flowers, remove the packaging and cut the stems at a diagonal. Doing this ensures the flowers can absorb as much water as possible. Use a clean vase to display your flowers. Dirty water can make flowers decline faster. Remove the leaves from the bottom of the stems and ensure there are no leaves below the water line when you place the flowers in the vase. If your flowers arrived with a sachet of flower food, put this in the water. This flower food can help the flowers last longer. Ensure you change the water every day and replace the flower food each time. If you don’t have flower food, you can make your own by combining a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar with the water.

Anyone that receives a beautiful gift of flowers will want to keep the flowers looking as fabulous as possible for as long as possible. The flower food sachet that you receive with the flowers can help to do just that. However, you may not always receive flower food with your bouquet. Alternatives to flower food that is sometimes included with a flower delivery can keep your flowers fresher for longer. One suggestion is to add baking soda to the water. People have been using baking soda as a reviver of flowers for many years. Baking soda alone can only do so much however and although it has been used to keep flowers fresh, it is also advisable to take further steps to maintain the freshness of your blooms. In addition to adding baking powder to the vase water, also add sugar or even bleach to assist with keeping your flowers fresh. You should also keep your flowers away from direct heat to avoid them drying out. Draughts should also be avoided so that petals aren’t blown from the flowers.

There are some people that believe that changing the vase water each day will keep flowers fresher for longer. However, this is not strictly true. It is advisable to change the case water every other day. You will also need to clean the vase, as changing the water isn’t enough to keep bacteria at bay. When changing the water clean the vase so that there is no residue in the vase. In addition to changing the water, you will also want to replace any flower food, or home-made flower food too. Should you forget to change the water every day, don’t fret as you can still salvage your flowers. Change the water and replace the flower food as soon as you remember.

Sending flowers is such a thoughtful gesture and can brighten up someone’s day. The best way to send someone flowers is by using a reputable online florist. An online florist provides convenience and speed. You may not have time to visit a high street florist and whereas an online flower shop can be accessed from wherever you may be. Our online shop provides fantastic value for money with customers enjoying savings on a whole range of beautiful bouquets. Our courier service means you can send flowers to friends and family all over the UK. You can send flowers to loved ones at home or at work. It is always best to use a florist that provides flowers that look amazing but are still within your budget. Find out more by visiting our flower shop and place an order today.

Some people believe that sending flowers is an expensive way to send a gift. Although there are florists that charge a lot to send flowers, we are not one of them. There are many different ways in which you can send flowers. You can send flowers by post and have them delivered via Royal Mail. Sending flowers by mail is a cost-effective way to gift flowers. You can also have flowers delivered by courier. Our courier services are extremely reliable, and you can depend on them to ensure your flowers arrive on time. You can choose to deliver the flowers to the lucky recipient yourself. This can be the least expensive way to send flowers. By choosing our flower delivery services, you can take advantage of our low prices, which include reliable courier services all over the UK.

The price of flowers depends on several different factors. The type of flower you wish to buy can alter the price dramatically. The season in which you buy the flowers will also affect the price. This is because it is more difficult to source a flower if it isn’t in season. The quality of the blooms can also have an impact on how much they cost. Freshly cut flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations, and baby’s breath are all considered cheap flowers, especially when bought in bulk. Another factor that can affect the price is the arrangement that is purchased. For example, funeral coffin sprays can vary from as little as £40 and increase to hundreds of pounds for larger displays. Buying flowers from Flowers By Post can save you a considerable amount of money. This includes savings on flower delivery all over the UK.

Sending flowers to a friend or relation is a great way to show you care. When you can’t be with them to gift the flowers in person, you may want to consider sending the flowers by post. To do this, you will need to purchase fresh cut flowers on the day you want to send them. Next, wrap the flowers in tissue paper before putting them in an appropriately sized box. Mark the box as fragile to alert the delivery person that the package should be handled with care. You can send the flowers via Royal Mail. However, it could be easier and more cost-effective to use our flower delivery service. We provide beautiful, fresh blooms which are delivered by reliable couriers to anywhere in the UK. You can depend on our services to deliver flowers on time and on the date you have specified. This includes providing same day and next day flower delivery.

The best day to order flowers depends on what is your requirement. If you want the largest selection of flowers from which to choose, ordering on a Monday is a good idea. This is because most florists replenish their stock on a Monday. Should you be looking for the best deals, ordering flowers near the end of the week would be wise. This is because some flowers may be nearing their sell-by date, and florists could be selling these blooms at discounted prices. Yet, when you order from us, you are always guaranteed the best prices, no matter what day of the week you place your order. You can also rely on us to supply fresh blooms that can last a long time. Visit our site to discover great prices on beautiful blooms.

If you want to send flowers to friends and relations in the UK, we can help. We use only the best florists in the UK so that customers receive beautiful flowers and incredible service. To place an order, simply visit our site and select the flowers you wish to send. You will be asked to complete your details and the details of the recipient. Once you have made your selection and your order is placed, your chosen flowers will be carefully prepared. The flowers will then be appropriately packaged for delivery. We use reliable couriers to send your flowers to the UK. Our services include same day flower delivery and next day flower delivery in the UK. You can depend on our team to deliver your flowers promptly and safely to friends and family in the UK.

There may be occasions when a florist will have flowers left unsold at the end of the day. Sometimes these flowers may be offered at discounted prices. This is why it is always worthwhile keeping an eye on online florists for the end of the day bargains. Unsold flowers may also be gifted to the friends and family of the florist. Some florists gift unsold flowers to local hospices, hospitals and care homes. When flowers can’t be sold at reduced prices or gifted, florists may use them for compost. Some florists grow their own flowers, and therefore using flowers for compost is the perfect option for unsold flowers. Other florists may simply take unsold flowers home and enjoy them in their own homes. These unsold flowers can then be dried or pressed. Pressed flowers can be used to adorn wrapping paper. Dried flowers can be used to make potpourri.

There is a theory that it is men that usually buy flowers. This may have been true in the past as men were more likely to buy flowers as a romantic gift for their partners. However, this is no longer strictly true. In fact, studies reveal that 65% of fresh flowers purchased are done so by women. The reason for this could be that women give flowers to friends and family members on more than just romantic occasions. Flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, to celebrate a new baby, and for birthdays too. Women may also want to treat themselves to flowers rather than wait for anyone else to buy flowers for them. This is a great mindset to have, after all why wait to be given something you enjoy? Modern women may also want to buy flowers for their partners to show them how much they care.

White roses are a popular flower. They are purchased for a variety of occasions and events. You will see white roses at weddings and in birthday bouquets. You can also use white flowers in Christening or Mother’s Day floral arrangements. Yet, what does the white rose symbolise? Roses are associated with love, and this is just one of the meanings behind this beautiful flower. White roses have more specific meanings associated with them. White roses represent purity and innocence as well as love. This explains why they are so popular on occasions such as weddings and Christenings. A white rose can also represent eternal love and new beginnings.

You may wonder where florists source their blooms. Some flower shops grow their own flowers. They may do this to save time and money sourcing them from places such as flower markets. Another reason a florist may want to grow their own flowers is if they are growing flowers that are particularly difficult to source elsewhere. Florists that specialise in edible flowers will often grow their own flowers. This way they can be assured of how the flowers are grown to ensure they are edible and safe for consumption. A florist that grows their own flowers will also enjoy having immediate access to their supply. They will also know precisely, which flowers are available to them on any given day. Most flower shops prefer to source their flowers from other resources. These can include flower markets and wholesalers.

The most common flower purchased from a florist is the rose. This will come as no surprise to many. Roses are bought all year round for all manner of events and occasions. Roses are particularly popular on Valentine’s Day when millions of red roses will be sold across the UK on this day alone. The next most common flower is the gerbera. This beautiful flower is often seen in wedding flowers. Number three in the list of most popular flowers is the tulip. Available in a whole range of colours, the tulip is often associated with the arrival of spring. Tulips are a popular flower to gift on Mother’s Day in the UK. The fourth most popular flower is the lily. Lilies appear regularly in funeral flowers but are also a beautiful gift to include in bouquets. Last, but not least, at number five, is the orchid. This exotic flower makes for a show-stopping gift.

Deciding which flower is the most beautiful on Earth is difficult. After all, when it comes to flowers, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. This means that while one person may think roses are sheer perfection, others may think lilies are the most beautiful flower they’ve ever seen. There is research, however, suggesting that people think that some flowers are more beautiful than others. Chrysanthemums and carnations feature among the flowers that many people describe as the most beautiful. Orchids and lilies are also on the list. However, there is one flower that tops the list every single time. According to extensive surveys worldwide, the rose is considered the most beautiful flower on Earth. The ubiquitous bloom is bought and gifted for numerous occasions, from romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day to days when we show our appreciation for our family, such as Mother’s Day. The fragrant, pretty rose has been popular for several centuries, and it looks like it will top the list of most beautiful flowers for many years to come.

Whether you buy flowers for yourself or receive fresh flowers as a gift, you will want them to last as long as possible. Some flowers last longer than others, like carnations and chrysanthemums, and therefore, they would be the flowers to purchase if you want flowers that last. However, there are ways in which you can make fresh flowers last longer. When you bring the flowers home, ensure you prepare them properly. This includes removing any leaves that may be below water level on the vase. Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle as this allows the flowers to absorb much water as possible. When preparing the water, add the flower food accompanying the bouquet. If your flowers don’t arrive with flower food, you can make your own. Add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the vase water. This can help to prolong the shelf-life of your blooms. Make sure you place the flowers away from any sources of heat, so they don’t dry out.

Some flowers are not as readily available as others. The rarest flower in the world is the Middlemist Red. It is so rare, in fact, that apparently, there are only two known flowers of this kind in existence. One of the flowers is found in a greenhouse in the UK. The other is in a garden in New Zealand. The flower originates from China and was brought to the UK in 1804 by John Middlemist. It has since been completely wiped out in China. Despite being so rare, it has proven to be a resilient bloom as it survived a bombing in the Blitz despite the greenhouse in which it grew being destroyed. Although there are believed to be only two locations in the world in which this flower blooms, it could actually appear in other locations in the UK. This is because when John Middlemist first brought the flower to the UK, he sold them to the public.

Discovering a woman’s favourite flower may not be as easy as you may think. Just as there are various types of flowers, women have varying tastes. When you think of what flower may be a woman’s favourite bloom, your mind may immediately spring to roses. Roses are often associated with femininity and beauty. This makes them an extremely popular flower to gift to women. Red and pink roses are particularly popular. However, it is important to remember that what some women may find beautiful can differ. Women with quirky tastes could prefer flowers such as orchids or sunflowers. Others may prefer lilies, orchids, or carnations. One of the ways in which you can determine a woman’s favourite bloom is to know what perfume she wears. You can then research the flowers used in that perfume and buy those flowers.

We are delighted to be able to provide customers with a range of delivery options. We provide same day flower delivery for those last-minute gift-giving occasions. We also provide next day flower delivery. If you opt for our standard delivery service, flowers can still be delivered on specific days. This can be within two days of your order unless you have specified same day or next day flower delivery. Whatever delivery option you select, you can rely on our team to ensure your flowers arrive promptly and in perfect condition. Customers enjoy great savings on each of our delivery service options. Discover just how little it can cost to send flowers from Flowers by Post by visiting our online flower shop. Take advantage of low prices and excellent service.

When a family you know loses a loved one, it is natural to want to show you are thinking of them at this difficult time. If their religion or culture doesn’t prevent you from sending flowers during the mourning period, it is a thoughtful gesture to send flowers. Giving flowers can be a sign of respect. A bouquet of white roses is a popular choice for sympathy flowers. Carnations are also an appropriate choice. In addition to flowers, you may want to consider sending a fruit basket. If you live nearby, you could also gift cooked meals. A grieving family will often be busy making funeral plans and may not have the time or the inclination to cook for themselves. Should you not be close enough to do this, don’t worry, as flowers and a note will show that you care.

If a friend is moving home or a colleague is leaving for a new job, flowers are the perfect way to say goodbye. There are particular flowers that symbolise saying goodbye. These flowers can add to your thoughtful gesture. Forget-me-nots are quite clear in their meaning and can be used to convey that even though someone is moving away, they will always be on your mind. Yellow roses are sometimes given to friends that are moving away as they symbolise friendship. In Asia, the chrysanthemum is the flower of choice when saying goodbye. Specifically, white and yellow chrysanthemums are the preferred colours. If you are choosing flowers for a funeral, red roses would be appropriate. These flowers represent eternal love and are used at funerals to show that although you are saying goodbye to a loved one, they will always be in your heart.

When you want to show someone just how much you miss them, use flowers. Flowers are the perfect way to show that not only do you care but that you are missing that special someone. There are certain flowers that mean I miss you which will make your floral gift so much more meaningful. One of these flowers is the stargazer lily. This beautiful bloom reveals how much you miss your friend, partner, or family member. Carnations are also a popular flower to show that you miss someone. Pink or white carnations are beautiful choices for I miss you flowers. These timeless flowers will bring joy to anyone that receives them.

Saying sorry can be one of the hardest things to do. Admitting you have been wrong and asking for forgiveness can feel a little awkward. Makes things easier by using flowers to convey your regret. Certain flowers are said to represent saying sorry. The blue hyacinth is believed to symbolise making peace. These would therefore be perfect in an apology bouquet. White orchids are said to represent sincerity which is certainly what you want to convey when apologising. If you want to inject a little fun into your apology, gift sunflowers. These bright, cheerful blooms will bring a smile to anyone’s face and are the perfect way to apologise.

Receiving flowers from a friend is a wonderful feeling. If you want to surprise a friend with a meaningful bouquet of flowers, there are various flowers you can choose from that represent friendship. Yellow roses are known for being the flowers of friendship. These are an excellent choice, and the bright beauty of these blooms can bring instant joy to your lucky friend’s day. If yellow roses aren’t your thing, there are other friendship flowers you can consider. Gerbera daisies in all their different colours are perfect flowers for a friend. This is another bright flower that shows how much you care. Sunflowers are another great option. Find beautiful friendship bouquets at our online store today.

Roses are the international flower of love. However, did you know that each colour of rose holds a different meaning? Red roses, of course, symbolise love. It is thought that the deeper the red, the deeper the love. Light purple roses represent first love, whereas deep purple roses symbolise long-term love and romance. Yellow roses are associated with friendship. Yet, yellow roses should not be given to a romantic partner, as in this context they can mean infidelity. White roses represent purity and innocence. This is perhaps why white roses feature in weddings and Christenings. Pink roses are said to symbolise appreciation and gratitude.

There are many ways in which you can help to make your freshly cut flowers last longer. The most obvious way is to choose flowers that naturally last longer than others. At the top of the list of long-lasting blooms are chrysanthemums. These magnificent flowers can last up to a staggering three weeks once cut. They have been known to last even longer when cared for appropriately. Orchids are another option when searching for flowers that will continue to look great through the weeks. These flowers can also last up to three weeks. Carnations are known to last for several weeks also and are also fantastic for those on a budget. Other flowers that remain to look fresh for longer include freesias, hydrangeas, and lilies.

Our flower delivery system is tried and tested and ensures your flowers get to where they need to be on time. There are many different options when it comes to delivery. Customers can select standard delivery, which will see a courier delivering the flowers to the UK address in a matter of days. You can also select specific days on which your flowers will be delivered. Same day delivery will see your blooms arriving the very same day that you purchase the flowers. Next day flower delivery ensures your flowers are sent the day after you place your order. When you have placed your order, your flowers will be prepared on the day that they need to be delivered. A courier will then transport your flowers to the specified address. Whatever delivery option you choose, you can rely on our expert couriers to deliver your flowers carefully.

The names of flowers can have hidden or not so hidden meanings. The flowers that you are so familiar with can actually have very different names, which translate as specific meanings. There is one flower, in particular, that is known as the flower of God. This flower is the carnation. The actual name of the carnations is Dianthus, which translates as “flower of the gods”. It is also said to mean, “flower of love”, and “heavenly flowers”. Carnations have long been a popular flower and feature in all manner of bouquets for assorted occasions. Knowing the meaning behind these gorgeous flowers adds makes them even more special.

When buying flowers, you may wonder why prices can change so much throughout the year in the UK. One of the reasons that the price of certain flowers may fluctuate is that they only bloom naturally in the UK at certain times of the year. These flowers would therefore be harder to source than flowers that bloom all year round. The first time people realise this can be when selecting flowers for their wedding. Avoid inflated prices by knowing which flowers bloom all year. Repeat flowering roses are one of the flowers that are available all year round. This goes some way to explain why these flowers feature at weddings no matter what the season. Other flowers that bloom for most of the year include the blue star and the coneflower.

Bringing fresh flowers into your home adds an instant touch of elegance. Fresh flowers can also uplift your spirits. It is not surprising, therefore, that you would want your fresh flowers to last as long as possible. All fresh flowers do not remain to look fresh for the same amount of time. Certain flowers last longer than others. When you purchase flowers from a florist, you should expect them to last at least a week. However, some flowers can last much longer than this. Chrysanthemums and orchids can last up to three weeks. Mums can last even longer when cared for appropriately. Ensure fresh flowers last as long as possible by using flower food to maintain their freshness. Also, be certain to keep them away from sources of heat to prevent the flowers from drying out.

When you can’t gift flowers in person, you will want to do so using a company you can trust. Flowers by Post is renowned for our excellent delivery services in England. If you want to send flowers to friends and family in England, visit our online store. We provide beautiful bouquets to lucky recipients all over England. To order flowers for delivery in England, simply select the flowers you want to gift. During the order process, you will be asked for the recipient’s address. We provide a variety of delivery options. This means you can send your flowers to someone in England as quickly as possible. Sending flowers to loved ones in England is really very simple when you order flowers from our shop.

Sending flowers to friends and family is a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion. You can also send flowers simply to show you care. However, not everyone owns a vase. This can often lead to recipients needing to put their fresh flowers in a tall glass. Your loved one will appreciate your foresight when you not only send them flowers but also include a vase in which they can put your thoughtful floral gift. You can choose to purchase flowers on their own or to add the gift of a vase. However, our flowers are presented without a vase. Your flowers are packaged carefully and elegantly presented. This presentation adds to the beauty of your selected flowers.

When you don’t want to miss an important occasion or event, we can help you do this. When you order flowers from our online store, you can choose from a selection of delivery options. Our couriers can deliver your chosen blooms on a date that you have selected. Although we can’t guarantee a specific time, we can ensure the flowers are delivered on the day you have requested. This is ideal when you want to surprise a friend for their birthday. Our specific date delivery is also fantastic for celebrating anniversaries. To book a specific day, simply select the date when placing your order. Your flowers will then be prepared on that day and delivered as promptly as possible.

Flowers are not always delivered to people’s homes. Many of our customers wish to surprise loved ones with a bouquet at work. This is a particularly popular service on days such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. We can arrange for flowers to be delivered to business addresses, as well as residential addresses. Delivery to hospitals can also be arranged. However, some hospitals may not allow flowers on the ward. Therefore, it is important you check that the hospital will accept the delivery of flowers. If the hospital doesn’t accept delivery, consider having the flowers delivered to the home of the recipient when they return from the hospital. This would provide a thoughtful surprise for when they leave the hospital.

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After a series of unreliable flowers delivery services, my great aunty recommended Flowers By Post. I enjoyed your services. They sent the flowers by post, and you would think they were just hand-picked! So fresh!
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