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Why Flowers Make Good Presents

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Flowers are the ideal way to show someone how much you care, almost everyone, even men, enjoy receiving flowers, especially if those flowers are tailored towards the recipient so it looks like you have put a lot of thought into your choice.

The main reason why flowers are a good present is because you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t like flowers, there are so many varieties of plants and flowers and they are available in so many styles and colours that you can find something to suit everyone’s tastes. You can buy a bouquet or box of flowers, you can have flowers in a basket or in already in water, you can add butterflies and foliage, there are so many decorations available now to really perfect flowers as a gift idea. Even people who wouldn’t like a typical bouquet of flowers can still be wowed with a bunch of flowers including some exotic and unusual ones.

It has been proven that receiving flowers has a positive impact upon the mood of the receiver, making them feel happy and grateful, regardless of their age or gender. And this happy feeling lasts for a while. Studies show people who receive flowers feel less depressed and get more life satisfaction for weeks after receiving them, imagine the impact receiving flowers regularly would have!
Because of the various different styles and arrangements of flowers you can find something to suit every occasion and for whatever recipient you happen to be buying for. If it is valentine’s day, you can buy red roses to symbolise romance and passion. If it’s a bereavement gift, or an apology present you can buy pure white lilies. There isn’t an occasion, happy or sad, that flowers aren’t perfect for.

There are plenty of places that you can buy from. Buying on-line means you have a wide selection available and the flowers can be delivered directly to the recipient (or to you if you prefer), furthermore, these online florists are usually open 24/7 and offer next day delivery…ideal for a last minute gift. These online florists are now also offering additional presents, such a teddy bears and chocolates which are perfect for adding those extra touches to your gift and getting everything from one place. This is especially ideal if you are going to be kept away from the recipient at the time of event but want them to have something on that day from you.

You can also buy from local florists or flower stalls, which offers the advantage of you getting the bouquet there and then, of course this means you have to care for the flowers until you’ve delivered them to the recipient. Supermarkets now also stock and sell fresh cut flowers, although be warned that your partner may see that they are supermarket flowers and wonder if it was a last minute, impulse buy. Another place you can buy flowers from is a garage/petrol station, they offer a small selection of flowers. These flowers are not always fresh, however, and they are rarely ‘fancy’, it will be obvious that they were bought from a petrol station so bear this in mind.

They are a great present idea for someone you don’t really know all that well. If you are going to meet your partners mom for the first time, on her birthday, you would find it difficult to choose clothes, music, perfume, film/tv shows etc. gift ideas for her, but would could buy her a stunning bunch of flowers…with flowers, unlike every other gift idea, it’s difficult to go wrong. In this situation, perhaps buy a mixed bunch of flowers and in an array of bright colours.

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