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Where to Buy an Interesting Bouquet of Flowers

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Flowers are a popular choice of present, ideal for a loved one, or even just to brighten up your own day. For the perfect bunch of pretty petals, there are far more interesting places to purchase flowers from than the local supermarket or petrol station. Talented florists are just eager to create the perfect, personalised bouquet, and local craft markets are the top place to spot interesting and unusual plants.


There are a range of online flower shops which offer vast ranges of floral arrangements, plant types and decorative bouquets, ideally delivered to the place of your choice. What makes purchasing online flowers even better is that they’re a fantastic surprise, and the competitive nature of online retail means there are some brilliant special offers, discounts and options to suit all budgets. Imagine the surprise when the doorbell rings on a loved one’s special day, to be greeted by an extravagant bouquet of uniquely arranged flowers.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are glorious places, with stalls filled with beautiful tastes, items and flavours, all locally sourced and produced. But besides the ample cheeses, cured meats and creative chutneys, there is often at least one stall with a charming collection of the freshest flowers available. Hand cut and prepared by those who know and love them, a market is the perfect option for those looking to get a nice bunch to treat themselves. Feel free to browse the shades, varieties and options, have a chat with the stall owner, and leave thrilled with the perfect floral arrangement to suit your home,

Local Florist

The local florist is probably the most forgotten about of local suppliers, offering much more than funeral or wedding arrangements. Your local florist has a keen eye for blossoms, a creative hand at creating the perfect bouquet and an ample selection of decoration, extras, wrapping and knick knacks for an extravagant and personalised gesture. The florist is the best place for those that simply don’t have a clue, simply give them a few clues such as favourite colours, varieties or occasion, and let them work their magic. The receiver will be delighted at all the trouble, the fabulous arrangement and the personal touches only available from a florist.

Pick your own

Why not pick your own floral bouquets? There are plenty of open spaces across the UK that allows people to come in, explore the grounds, and pick flowers under sustainable circumstances. Pick your own farms offer everything from seasonal flowers, to fresh fruit and vegetables for the freshest, tastiest produce available. Picking your own flowers is a great idea for a day out, exploring open fields, discovering wild blooms and unique shrubs, getting up close and personal with flowers in their natural habitat by scent, colour and species. It’s an ideal adventure for anyone looking for an interesting selection of flowers, experts and novices alike.


It may not seem like an ideal solution for the perfect bouquet, but many supermarkets have wonderful selections of fresh, colourful and interesting flowers, especially high end supermarkets which pride themselves on a professional and generous floral display. It’s best to go early when shopping for a gift, to catch the freshest and best flowers straight after delivery, and local supermarkets can often stock stunning arrangements without the travel. However, if purchasing for yourself, why not keep an eye out during your weekly or monthly shop for special offers and discounts at the end of the day or on out of season plants. Supermarkets are also the perfect place to buy a basic bunch to compliment the home, with amazing bargains to be found, you can easily purchase a couple of bunches of interesting colours and flowers to create a personal display at home.