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Using Household Items to keep Flowers Fresh

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After having spent a lot of money on flowers, the last thing we want is for them to die after a few days. We want to make the most of our flowers for as long as we can. We want them to survive for as long as possible and this is also one of the reasons as to why we get a little sachet of plant food with our flowers. The plant food will provide our flowers with all the nutrients they require to remain healthy and keep growing

But these sachets of plant food run out very quickly and you may need more of it to keep your flowers fresh and alive. There are a few options that you can choose from in order to maintain your flower freshness for as long as possible using household items.

Obviously you have the option of purchasing commercial plant food. It is readily available and not very expensive at all. But after having spent a mini fortune on a beautiful bouquet, do you really wish to spend more money on plant food?

There are a few known household items which can be used to keep your flowers fresh and promote growth. In this case, they will be perfect substitutions for plant food.

Bleach has many uses from cleaning toilets to getting rid of mould, and believe it or not, it also serves to keep flowers alive and fresh. Simply prepare a mixture of water and bleach. You need to remember to use the smallest amounts of bleach, since the solution needs to be as dilute as possible. The bleach will prevent any bacterial and fungal growth, meaning that you plants will not be attacked.

How many of you believe that a penny is lucky? Well, to your flowers, it is! Pennies are made of copper which act as excellent fungicides. Fungicides are known for killing and preventing fungal growths. In your vase, fungal growths can rapidly grow and attack your flowers. So by keeping a penny in the vase, you instantly reduce the risk of plant disease.

Sugar is similar to bleach, in that it has many purposes. We use it to add flavour to our cakes, pies and hot beverages. Cosmetically, sugar can be used to exfoliate dead skin cells off of us. Medically, sugar can be used to treat wounds. But now it has been discovered that it can also be used to keep flowers fresh and healthy. Simply prepare a mixture of sugar and white vinegar in the ratio of three to two. This should then be further added to fresh warm water that you have added to the vase. Sugar will promote strength in the stems, which is crucial in ensuring that the flowers stays alive, whilst the white vinegar serves to kill off any microbes that could potentially attack your flowers.

beautiful spring flowers in metal bucketCrushing an aspirin or a vitamin tablet will prevent bacterial growth which will once again, promote the long life of your flowers. Simply add the crushed aspirin or vitamin tablet to fresh water in the vase and mix until the tablet is fully dissolved.

Adding a few drops of vodka to the water before putting the flowers in the vase will also increase their life. Vodka will serve the same purpose as bleach, the penny, aspirin and white vinegar – it will act as a disinfectant/fungicide which is going to kill off any microbes that could attack your flowers.

By using items that are typically found around the home, you will save yourself a lot of money, and have your flowers looking great for longer.