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Top 5 Most Popular Flowers For Gifting

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All of us know that flowers are a universally popular option for gifts. Be it for birthdays or anniversaries, weddings or funerals, flowers are an appropriate and appreciated sentiment at any occasion and instance. The best thing about taking flowers as a gift for someone is that you know they will be valued regardless of the recipient’s cultural or social background. Flowers in any form and colour are a welcome gesture, but some flowers are more popular than others. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 most popular flowers for gifting all around the world, and what makes them so likable.


Roses are, without a doubt, one of the most popular flowers in the world, if not the most popular. There are several reasons behind the popularity of roses. Firstly, they are available just about everywhere in the world. If you like roses or the recipient of your gift is known to like roses, you will have no trouble at all in finding beautiful, fresh roses no matter where you live. A short walk to the local florist is bound to turn up tonnes of colour and size options. Secondly, the symbolism of roses is well known the world over. Every colour of the rose stands for a different meaning, and many people find it easy and satisfying to express sentiments by way of flowers. The red rose is a universal symbol for undying love and romance, while the yellow rose is recognised as the symbol of friendship and loyalty. Similarly, the pink rose represents affection that isn’t necessarily romantic and white roses are a stunning symbol of purity and chastity.


Orchids are appreciated the world over as some of the most beautiful, striking and unique flowers. Orchids are an exquisite balance between subtlety and opulence and are unmatched in their simplistic sophistication. Orchids symbolise grace, loveliness and affection and can make an ideal gift for someone special. Orchids are generally categorised as exotic flowers and are hence a bit more expensive than more common flower varieties. However, this just adds to the uniqueness of orchids and makes them even more desirable as gifts. Many brides choose to use orchids for their bridal bouquets because of how stunning and elegant these blooms are. Orchids can convey a wealth of emotions from passion to admiration.


Tulips are available in hundreds of colours and you will be hard put to make up your mind about just one. Not many people know this, but red tulips are symbolic of eternal love and are traditionally a very powerful way of letting your beloved know that you will love them forever. Most people associate the sentiment with red roses, and while roses too convey this emotion, tulips are a very meaningful way of promising to spend your life with your partner. Tulips in other colours can also represent charity, kindness and renown.


Carnations are available in several colours and while each hue has its own unique meaning, carnations are universally understood to be symbolic of energy, fondness and heartiness. Pink and yellow carnations are some of the most popular varieties of this lovely flower. Carnations are an ideal gift when you want to wish someone well or you want to convey sentiments for a speedy recovery or generally when you want to let someone know that they mean a lot to you.


Lilies are some of the most elegant and gracious flowers in the world, which makes them lovely gifts for times when you want to convey subtle yet significant emotions. Lilies are an ideal gesture for times when you have to maintain poise and dignity while also expressing an important sentiment, for instance, to convey compassion at funerals. Lilies can also be used at happier times, and are a lovely addition to any bridal bouquet.