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The Seasonal Flowers Perfect for Spring Weddings

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Spring weddings are especially auspicious in terms of the availability of seasonal flowers which bring the freshness of the new season and fragrance which heralds the rebirth of nature for lush abundance of greenery and colours. Spring is maybe the most exciting time of the year when all nature is born again for life and the renewal fills the atmosphere with the vibrant energy of rejuvenation.

It is important for people who are planning spring weddings to be aware of what flowers they can find in florist shops as well as what their characteristics such as longevity, aroma, etc. are. In this manner they can prepare the most appropriate floral arrangements for spring weddings, or order such arrangements with a florist.

Seasonal flowers for spring comprise columbines which are wildflowers and are great for mixed bouquets and for casual flower arrangements for spring weddings. Columbines have a dainty appearance and last for up to 10 days in vases; they are available in different colours. For large arrangements such as reception floral designs, forsythia flowers with their bright yellow clustered flowers are the solution. Because the forsythia flowers are formed before the leaves, their vibrant yellow colour stands out in vases or urns. Another great choice for outstanding large bouquets are foxgloves, which have their flowers clustered around a tall stem. The freckles like spots inside the foxgloves flowers adds to the effect they deliver.

For truly fragrant floral arrangements for spring weddings, freesias are a wonderful choice, with the variety of colours their flowers come in, and with arching stems which are great for bridal bouquets and for corsages. Another fragrant choice that really helps spring weddings soar in charming impression are hyacinth flowers. The blue hyacinth variety is a universal favourite, with the clear and sky blue colour.

Spring offers a true palette of fragrances, and lilac flowers feature high in that palette. They come in shades of purple, as well as white and red, and are wonderful for spring weddings in vintage style. Because the lilac flowers are cluster like ones, they are especially suitable for large flower arrangements, but they are equally welcome as staples in bridal bouquets.

The powerful sweet fragrance of the lily of the valley is familiar to spring flowers connoisseurs and to keen gardeners, and it is equally familiar to florists who prepare flower arrangements for spring weddings. Frail as these flowers are, their fragrance is astonishingly powerful and enticing. Lily of the valley flowers are preferred fillers in all spring wedding arrangements.

The high petal count of peony flowers is the reason why just a few flowers have a pronounced effect for spring wedding arrangements. Besides fragrance, the symbolic meaning of peonies is also a reason why they are chosen for spring weddings, because they stand for happy marriage and happy life.

There are also other spring flowers which are favourites for spring wedding arrangements. They comprise poppies, stock blooms which feature a rich fragrance, viburnum flowers which are also called snowballs and skyrocket in price with the approaching of summer, wisteria which lends a cascading effect to any arrangement or bouquet. The choice depends on preferences and on the effect intended.