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Sending Flowers As Business Gifts

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When you own a business you need to think constantly how to improve your relationship with clients, suppliers and partners. Being on good terms with your staff is also vital. When everyone is simply doing their job, problems arise and they are unavoidable. Competition is also inevitable as everyone in the industry will be trying to outdo you. There are ways to show that you mean well or appreciate someone in the business. This can be done by sending them the universal token of care, consideration and warm feelings – flowers. Now, many of you perhaps think that flowers are too intimate of a gift to be sent to businessmen. This is a totally wrong concept though. Giving flowers dates back to Victorian times where they were certainly given to women and men too. Flowers have their own meaning and symbolism, but above all, they are a representation of good will, loyalty and trustworthiness and there is nothing wrong with sending them to people in the same business as you. There are plenty of situations when you simply need to send a gift, but choosing one can be hard when you don’t know the person well or their taste. That’s when you can choose to send flowers instead and they will act as a great gesture and a gift at the same time. Sending a bouquet of fresh blooms or an arrangement for someone’s office is a perfect gift.

You can easily find arrangements of flowers online that are specifically made to suit business purposes. A common reason for sending flowers as a business gift is simply because you will be too busy to go in person or call. This is a safe and good way to show that you value the other person. You can send a flower basket full of fruit and wine or you can choose a beautiful orchid in a pot – this exotic and expensive flower will send a strong message. By ordering flowers from a local store or online flower delivery website you can find a great selection of suitable bouquets and it won’t take up much of your time. If you don’t have any idea what kind of flowers to choose, simply trust the customer service of the shop. Here are some of the occasions and reasons when you should send flowers as a business gift:

• When your business partner has a birthday or has had success in the industry that you want to show you are happy about.

• Just to show to your most cherished clients that you are grateful to them. Receiving a nice basket of goodies and flowers from you will make them stay loyal to you.

• When a valued client has a happy occasion: marriage, a new baby or a graduation of their children. If you know of the occasion you might as well show it, as this will definitely make you stand out as a thoughtful businessman.

• When one of your employees is ill at home or in a hospital and can’t come to work. This simple gesture simply shows that you are not just their boss, but also a considerate human being.

• When an employee has got married or has had a baby. This is when it’s best to send a basket of not only flowers but a bottle of wine or champagne/ a teddy bear for the baby. You can rest assured that they will appreciate this a lot. And a happy employee is a more hardworking one.

• If one of your employees excels in a business task greatly, simply reward them with a fine arrangement of flowers and a bottle of wine. You may think that the employee would simply want more money, but you’d be surprised at how much employees just seek approval and praise.

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