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Women love surprises more than anything else. A small lovely gesture means so much more to a woman, than the sweetest words. A romantic walk or a dinner with candles, tells so much more to your wife, then saying how much you love her. If you are away from home, on a business trip, why not surprise your woman with the sweetest gift? There is nothing more adorable, then sending your wife a bouquet of beautiful flowers, accompanied with a meaningful poem. This small gesture will make your wife happier , than she has ever been.

Here is a list of beautiful flowers, you can send to your wife, while you are on a business trip.

Send Kisses
Make your wife smile with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, white chrysanthemums and pink carnations. This is a very delightful bouquet , which says how much you love your wife. Each one of this flower symbolizes love and affection , thus conveying your feelings in the best possible way. Being away from home, remind your wife of your feelings with this special present, which will make her feel loved and happy.

Sweet surprise
Imagine the smile on your wife’s face, when this gorgeous bouquet arrives at the door. This sweet surprise consists of the stunning flowers, like orange spray roses and pink carnations. Roses are a traditional way to show true love and carnations, with their elegant shape and vibrant colors, bring more splendor and create feelings of joy and happiness.

Your true wish
Show your wife how much you wish to be at home , with a mix of sunny flowers such as, yellow chrysanthemums and pink and orange carnations, beautifully arranged in a big bouquet. This sweet gift is the most romantic gesture, which your wife will love and appreciate.

Enchanting Flowers with a white bear
No matter how many years have past, women will always love receiving sweet presents like little bears. This gift reminds them of their childhood and shows their innocence and purity. Send your wife a sweet little white bear with a bouquet of roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and asters. These gorgeous flowers accompanied by the sweet bare , are the best present for your wife, which shows how much you still appreciate her innocent character.

Natural Beauty
No flowers can be so elegant and dazzling like tulips. You can send a gorgeous bouquet of red and pink tulips , which represent the most natural beauty of flowers. Their graceful shape perfectly matches the elegance of your wife, and their vibrant colors convey your happiness in this marriage.

Sunny flowers
Apart from symbolizing love and adoration , flowers also carry the sun in their leaves, thus invoking the joyful feelings that the sun brings. Send a beautiful bouquet of sunny flowers, white hydrangea, yellow roses and yellow Alstroemeria to your wife, which will make her happy. This beautiful bouquet has gathered all the flowers that women love, which makes them the perfect present for your loving wife.

There is nothing more stunning and romantic, than to send your wife a bouquet of her favorite flowers , when you are away. Flowers represent the most elegant and special gift for your beloved wife. Women love being surprised with beautiful and meaningful presents, and there is no other so meaningful gift, than flowers. Flowers will always be a great part of a woman’s life. Women love receiving them as presents and a sign of love, and like decorating their homes with flowers. When you are away from home, you can show your wife that you are always thinking about her, with some of the bouquets given in this article.