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Do you think of purple as the colour of romance? What about yellow? Or white? You probably think of red as a romantic colour, since we most often give a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day, for anniversaries or for a romantic New Year’s Eve celebration. While red is the colour of passion and we most closely associate it with something romantic, there are plenty of other flowers that come in a variety of colours that can be surprisingly romantic as well. Think of a huge bouquet of bright pink tulips, variegated or not. Or luscious hydrangeas with their pink, purple and blue flowers. Pale pink roses and white lilies can certainly make up a romantic bouquet if red roses are not your first choice.

But whatever you would like to send to your loved one on this romantic day, Flowers By Post has got what you need. You can have your bouquet delivered in one of a variety of lovely glass or porcelain vases, or choose a sweet basket for your sweet. Romance can be a variety of things. It can be memories of your first date together, anniversary of your wedding or first trip as a couple. It can be how you express your love every day, too. And romantic gestures certainly don’t need to be resigned only to Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Think of all the times that you are overcome with love for that special someone in your life. It could be a birthday, a special night out without the kids, or a romantic evening at home, just the two of you.

There are plenty of ways to spend your romantic days together, but can you picture such a day without flowers? Of course not! Flowers are as important a part of any romantic holiday as the card, the dinner and the champagne. So be sure not to forget the flowers. Having flowers delivered by us adds even more romance to the occasion. It says that you thought about your gift and planned it ahead of time, instead of just picking up some carnations on your way home from the office. It says that you value your time together and wanted to see the surprised look on your partner or spouse’s face when the doorbell rings and our delivery person is there holding a beautiful bouquet.

So when it comes to celebrating the romantic moments and love that you and your loved one share, choose an arrangement that best reflects his or her personality. If sweet blossoms are more your style, then light pink roses or lovely lilies might be the symbol or romance for you. Purple lilacs or yellow tulips might be your special someone’s ideal romantic flowers, so choose whichever blossoms will make him or her happy on your special day. While red roses – one dozen, two dozen or even three dozen – are classic choices when it comes to romantic flowers, there are no hard and fast rules about you should give on Valentine’s Day, New Year’s or even your anniversary.

After having spent years together, you will probably know exactly which flowers your partner or spouse most enjoys. So if the answer isn’t red roses, don’t despair. We have a huge variety of romantic arrangements that have all been styled by our expert floral arrangers with love in mind. Of course, those classic red roses are available for delivery too at great prices, since sometimes classic is really the best route to take. The best part about Romantic flower deliveries from Flowers By Post? They will always be delivered on time and in perfect condition. Plus, you will get the best prices around for your romantic flowers and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

There’s something special about having flowers delivered that is not quite the same as when you simply pick something up from the grocery store on the way home. This year, when you are celebrating your anniversary or spending a romantic evening out for your loved one’s birthday, be extra romantic by having flowers delivered by us. You will show your special someone that you thought long and hard about what to get, instead of picking up whatever was available at the shop. If you want to create a unique bouquet that no one else will have, call us up on ‎020 3900 2441 and one of our expert florists will help you design the gift that is perfect for your romantic occasion.

There are plenty of romantic bouquets to choose from on our website, but why not add a special gift to the special gift? Sending champagne with those flowers will surely increase the romantic mood. A beautiful box of chocolates with those roses is sure to go over well when it comes to romance for any occasion – birthday, anniversary or holiday. Adding a cute, cuddly teddy bear or some heart-shaped balloons can make an even bigger statement. You can even add a message of ‘I Love You’ to those balloons, though it will be clear that you do just from the flowers alone.

So whether your partner prefers white flowers, pink flowers or purple, you can choose whatever arrangement you like to bring happiness and tears of joy. You can even choose a lovely potted plant with plenty of buds and blossoms so that the romantic side of your special day continues on and on. Cut flowers will eventually fade, but a potted plant can be kept up for years with just a little bit of care. So your romantic sentiment can stick around for an extra long time, which is part of what romance is all about – stability and longevity are important parts of romance along with the passion and love. Make this anniversary extra special with a flower delivery from our company. Your gift will arrive in perfect condition, not a petal out of place, to signify how you feel about your perfect love. Order today for next-day delivery and romance will surely be in the air.

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