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Red Flowers – Types and Suitable Flowers for Weddings

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Red Flowers – Types and Suitable Flowers for Weddings

Do you think that a red theme for a wedding is too daring and extravagant? Well, then you should know that you are rejecting a very common and trendy idea nowadays. Red flowers in the bridal bouquet are the perfect complement to the white or cream wedding dress. A really striking effect can be created with beautiful arrangements of red flowers for the wedding reception. Red flowers are indeed very popular and have specific symbolism and energy. Hibiscus, for example, is a popular flower for tropical weddings at the beach. The flower is put in bridal bouquets, in the bride’s hair and flower necklaces are created from them.

This flower adds a fine touch of exoticism and passion; it attracts attention and brings good energy. Another popular idea is a black and red wedding dresscode, where red flowers create the ideal splash of colour. The most chosen and popular red flowers for weddings are roses, of course. The “Passion” red rose and “The Grand Prix” red rose, with their velvety texture, fragrance and abundant colour, are the most popular species for weddings. Other chosen red flowers for bridal bouquets are: calla lilies, anthurium, orchids and Asiatic lilies. With their bright red colours, they can be successfully paired in one bouquet or arranged in centerpieces for the tables.

For centerpieces popular choices include: hibiscus, gerbera daisies and tulips – in red or different shades of it. For a touch of royal air, mix red flowers with light blue ones. This is a magical combination which shows good taste and exudes sophistication. For an outdoor or beach wedding, a great combination to consider is red flowers and yellow flowers. The two bright colours shout summer, happiness and joy. Two things that you should know about using red flowers for different events is that you can get maximum colour with minimum red flowers and that red blooms make any event romantic, rich and energetic. Don’t overcrowd the place with red flowers, though. Keep the arrangement finely organized and don’t overdo the decoration, or you could ruin the effect of the red flowers.

Here are some of the most beautiful red flowers which you can choose for wedding ceremonies and other events:
• The Red Rose: it is the flower of people in love and since ancient times it’s been a symbol of the heart, blood and one’s true love. You can choose between deep, light, crimson or cardinal red and the expression will be certain: passion, love and affection. In wedding ceremonies this is the perfect flower for representing the eternal bond of the union.
• The Red Lily: even though it’s not the most typical colour for a lily, is a pretty species, perfect for bridal bouquets and flowers for the bride’s hair.
• The Red Hydrangea: since hydrangeas are quite versatile flowers, changing their colours based on the acidity of the soil, a red one can be naturally obtained, as well as artificially. One of the most famous types symbolizes eternal love and is the perfect wedding flower.
• The Anthurium: with its heart shape and shiny red petals is also known as the “flamingo flower” because of its shape. It symbolizes happiness, wealth and will bring good luck to any wedding.
• The Red Tulip: with its various meanings, the red tulip looks great in a tall cylinder vase along the rows with guests at a wedding.
• The Red Orchid: native to Thailand and the jungles of the Amazon river, red orchids are extremely popular, elegant and also expensive flowers.

Other popular red flowers for weddings include: calla lily, gerbera daisy, carnation and hibiscus.

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