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Everyone wants a perfect wedding with no problems and immaculate organization. Thus, all the details are usually dealt with a few months before the event. One of those important wedding details is the flower decoration: everything from the wedding bouquet and the bridesmaid’s flowers to the tabletops floral decorations and flower arrangements. Choosing the right flowers for the big day can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t get help from a wedding planner. The best way is to consider the most common flowers for weddings and your favourite ones and simply go with your guts. Having a theme at your wedding should be your guiding point in deciding which flowers to pick. Here are some of the most popular flowers for weddings:


Lots of people prefer these for wedding bouquets. One of the reasons is the symbolism behind the rose: representing love, beauty and passion. The other reason is for their sweet scent and variety of colours. The rose has many varieties but the suitable ones for a wedding are the garden rose, the hybrid rose and the spray rose.


Despite a popular misbelief, Tulips originate from Persia. They are the symbol of consuming love. You can get tulips in plenty of beautiful colours; they are available all year long and make for great floral decorations. Tulips are also quite affordable and look amazing in bouquets and centerpieces. The commonly chosen Tulips for weddings are: parrot tulips, French tulips and Dutch tulips.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies symbolize magnificent beauty. You can choose between two varieties: a larger trumpet one and a miniature calla. The bigger one is perfect for flower arrangements and the smaller one is used in nosegays and boutonnieres. The most popular colour for weddings is the flower with the shade of creamy ivory.


These flowers have a big size and stand for vanity. They come in the following colours: white, blue, purple, pink and green. Their color depends on the level of acidity of the soil they are grown in. Nowadays, they are popular wedding flowers, looking nice in boutonniers and wedding bouquets. Even just a stem or two make enough filler for bouquets and arrangements.


Gardenias symbolize purity and love, they have a nice scent and are often sought for weddings. These flowers are pricier and quite delicate, so only arrange them away from guests touch, as they can be bruised easily.


With tropical and exotic beauty, orchids add elegance and delicacy to any wedding. In addition, they look spectacular when used in wedding decorations and for bridal bouquets. Orchids can even be put in the hair of the bride. These are rather expensive flowers, but they are perfect for summer weddings, as they resist dehydration and heat.


These brightly colored flowers have a heavy scent and are favored for wedding decorations. They are easily used on their own or matched with various flowers. They have large blooms so a bouquet can be created with just a few peonies.


The white flowers are small and symbolize marital happiness. They are great for weddings, especially for those who believe in the importance of choosing the flowers based on their meaning and symbolism.

Popular wedding flowers can be seen at almost any wedding these days. However, it is all about personal preference and taste. If you love daisies, adorn your wedding with them and carry them in your hands. If you believe that a certain flower will bring you luck, go for it. Tradition is great, but don’t be afraid to break it.