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The Best Of The Perfect Summer Flowers

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The Best Of The Perfect Summer Flowers

Summer screams flowers; intoxicating smells, rich colours and the blossoming of summer months under a summer sky. To bring a little bit of the warmth inside, you can select the perfect summery flowers to liven up your living space in an instant, or get out into the garden, refresh the soil and plant seeds or potted plants for a beautifully inviting summer’s garden, great for enjoying those long days and, hopefully, blue skies.


Cosmos’ are the perfect little flower adding bursts of colour for a refreshing summer’s day. Not only do they look great and are the perfect low-maintenance flower for decoration across flower beds and corner plots, they attract birds, bees and other outdoor beauties which perfectly compliment your blossoming garden.


Irises have the prettiest petals, with strong streaks of violet and red or rich oranges and yellow, adding a vibrant touch to your lawn. There are countless types of Iris flowers, many of which have particular symbolism, such as purple conveying wisdom and blue signifying faith and hope. Originally, Iris was the flower of choice by the Greek goddess Iris, the messenger of love. For a striking feature flower, look for Iris deep black, a bold and elegant flower with deep hues of navy and jet black.


The flowers of love, romance and passion, and surprisingly easy to plant in your own front yard, Roses are initially expensive, but with the right care and attention, can blossom for many years. It is advised that gardeners with some experience opt for at home roses, but there are plenty of easy to understand instructions available for the novice. Available in a range of colours, roses are the ideal summer flower, blossoming in vibrant colours with an iconic shape; the perfect decoration for a summer garden.


Freesia is an easy to grow, low maintenance flower, which is ideal as decoration for larger flower beds and pots. Freesia flowers are “zygomorphic”, an interesting and unique style of growth, in which one stem has many buds which flower in a line for magnificent colour. They are also readily available as freshly bought flowers, with a unique shape that decorates vases perfectly.


A daisy is iconic of summer months on the grass, these little petals scattered across large, open spaces, conjure nostalgia of nursery rhymes and daisy chains. All you need to ensure in your garden is a spot with good drainage and plenty of sun, and a well-looked after batch of daisies will decorate your garden beautifully for many years. They look fantastic on their own, or strategically placed as an ornamental feature next to larger flowers. The common daisy is one thing, but bright blues, vibrant purples and summery oranges turns the everyday daisy on its head.


There are over 30 species of Chrysanthemum, available in a selection of warm, summer shades. These flowers are easy to come by and relatively easy to tend to, with extra care enabling them to blossom annually. These globe-shaped flowers are the perfect statement piece for a summer garden; large, flowing and eye catching. Not only do these bold plants look spectacular, they are also commonly used in parts of Asia as a calming tea.


A combination of white and lilac Orchids, combined with their unusual shape, makes an interesting and intriguing floral display. They are also available in much more exotic shades such as deep blue, speckled and striped varieties. Orchids can also be potted indoors for those who want to bring the refreshing summer months inside and are short on space.

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