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Make someone very happy today by having a lovely potted orchid delivered to his or her home or office. These elegant little plants have the power to stir great emotion in many people. They are not only beautiful to behold, but smell wonderful as well. And when you have an orchid plant or a bouquet full of orchid blossoms delivered to that special someone, you will truly make the day special as well. Because of the unique shape of orchid plants, they can be made into some of the most interesting arrangements and gifts, moreso than other blossoms.

When you give a potted orchid, you are actually delivering a living sculpture. That’s what these elegant beauties resemble with their base of large, dark green leaves and long, slender stalks. The spray of blossoms at the top of the stalk often needs to be supported to prevent it from toppling downward. This is where the sculpture aspect comes in to play. Flowers By Post hires only expert floral arrangers who have extensive knowledge of the best way to arrange each type of flower that we offer. Not only that, but they must also have an eye for the artistic. Our bouquets are not chosen offhandedly and thrown into a vase; each blossom is carefully selected for freshness and perfection and they are arranged in the appropriate container that will enhance the flower and not overshadow it. We make sure that when we select flowers, they will arrive at your doorstep or that of your friend or loved one in peak condition.

No one wants to take the effort and time to select a stunning bouquet or potted plant and spend his or her hard-earned money to have it delivered quickly just to find out that it arrived in less-than-perfect condition. That will never happen when you order flowers from our website. Just as our facilities are refrigerated to keep the ideal temperature for the flowers, so too our delivery vans and vehicles are kept cool. That way, your flowers show up in the perfect condition. This guarantees that the treat you have so carefully chosen for your mum or friend or partner is exactly what you have chosen. You want to see joy on their faces or hear happiness in their voices when they call to thank you, not disappointment that their flowers arrived wilted or a day after the occasion.

We guarantee on-time delivery for every purchase made through our website or over the phone. That’s right, you can speak to a real person if you would like. We know that in today’s electronic marketplace it can be harder and harder to be in contact with the people behind the transactions. And not all questions can be answered by reading the list of frequently asked questions on a website. That’s why we offer advice as part of our customer service – it can make the difference between giving a great gift and giving the perfect gift. Flowers, particularly orchids, make a great gift for many occasions. Their exotic blossoms and lovely fragrance can evoke fond memories of a tropical vacation or the sweet pleasure of a daydream. But choosing exactly the right one for your flower delivery is sometimes hard to do. If you don’t know which gift is the right one to give, call us on ‎020 3900 2441 and we can walk you through the process for no extra charge.

Our orchids are not only the best, but they have the best prices associated with them as well. Even these luxurious, elegant blossoms should be affordable so that more people can enjoy them in their homes and offices. Dendrobium orchids are often the most popular for adding to a vibrant, full bouquet. Their slender stalks each support a number of blossoms, making the flowers the centre of attention. Orchids are often paired with other elegant flowers such as lilies or roses, depending on the occasion. They can hint at royalty when paired with deep-hued blossoms. They will evoke island getaways when combined with large lilies. And when you send a potted orchid that is arranged with bamboo or irises, fantasy is the feeling that will spring up. Spiritual peace and calmness are what you will feel when you lay your eyes on an orchid arrangement that is designed with Zen in mind. What better gift to give to someone who is going through a difficult time? When he or she gazes at the orchid you have had delivered, they will be instantly transported to a stress-free place where there is warmth and sunshine.

There is no perfect season to send an orchid arrangement or a potted orchid. That’s because orchids can grow all over the world, although certain varieties are, of course, indigenous to warmer climates. Their clean lines and strong colours can be used in holiday arrangements for any time of year. Yellow, orange and red evoke autumn, while pink and white may have one thinking of spring. Purple and yellow or dark pink are the picture of summer, especially with the deep green of the leaves. A stark white orchid can be a wintry treat to bring into any home. And when you order orchids from Flowers By Post you can be sure you will be getting long-lasting, fresh flowers that will last and last. A bouquet will continue to bloom once it is delivered by our expert driver. And a potted plant will come back into bloom year after year, bringing with it joy and tranquillity.

So whether it is your 14th wedding anniversary – for which the orchid is the traditional gift – or any other occasion that you are celebrating with a loved one, have us deliver some orchids. You will be happy you did, and the recipient of these elegant plants will be even happier still. There is no better way to lift someone’s spirits than with the gift of an orchid, and your friends and family members deserve the best. Rely on us to deliver just that.