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Orchids – Arrangements and Types

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Orchids are those special flowers which express true individuality and uniqueness and cannot be compared to any other exotic flower. Due to their singularity it could be hard to find the best arrangement or bouquet, especially when you know nothing of the flowers themselves. When you give orchids to somebody it’s like expressing your utmost appreciation and warm feelings.

Often, people give just a single orchid and it still makes a strong impression to the recipient. If you wish to impress somebody with the quantity of flowers, be careful, as orchids are capricious and it’s hard to pair them with just any flower. With some imagination you will manage to get a beautiful arrangement, without adding different flowers. The best way to give orchids is in a pot or a glass vase. This way you can spend some time choosing the pot, rather than a mixture of flowers. Avoid too much greenery around this flower, as it can diminish the effect. If you decide to give a bouquet of various colours you can add small flowers as fillers. Make sure the orchid is still the centre of attention, though. An orchid will look best if you put it in contrast with flowers of a pale colour. However, if you choose a light or white orchid, the background should be darker to make the flower stand out. This is the rule not only for the other flowers surrounding the orchid, but also for the wrapping paper you choose.

Wedding Orchids
Orchids are some of the best choices for adorning a wedding reception. They are delicate, elegant and exotic. They are more expensive than other typical wedding flowers, but after all a wedding is not an annual event. If the theme of your wedding is a majestic, classical, fairy-like party, then choose flower arrangements made of light pink, white or light purple orchids. These colour combinations will simply bring a positive mood to the event. With some matching ribbons and balloons, they will brighten up the room even more. A great idea is for the bride to wear a single orchid bloom in her hair. This is a very popular trend and even the bridesmaids might want it. Orchids will surely make your wedding more romantic than you have ever imagined. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a formal wedding, you can still choose orchids, which have an air of professionalism and freshness. Orchids combine the delicacy of the flower and the wild of nature, expressing youth and free spirit. Since orchids come in a variety of types and colours, it is hard to list them all, but here are some of the perfect ones for wedding decorations and bouquets:

• The White Orchid: symbolizing purity and the delicacy of beauty, a bouquet of white orchids says that you care about the recipient and you are thinking of them.
• The Pink Orchid: the perfect flowers for a vase bouquet that will last a long time. These flowers are the true representation of affection. You can easily grow them in a garden or at home.
• The Red Orchid: native to the Amazonian jungle, Singapore and Thailand, this is one of the most popular types of orchids.
• The Blue Orchid: one of the rarest orchids, but a true expression of admiration towards the recipient.
• The Purple Orchid: available in a large range of shapes and colours, this exotic flower remains in bloom for about a month.
• The Yellow Orchid: symbolizing distinction and delicacy, there are more than 330 species of them.
• The Black Orchid: the rarest variety of orchids, ranging from maroon, to dark burgundy and deep purple. They stand for sophistication and elegance and have a soft and discrete scent.

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