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Fresh Flowers are the Best Gift for New Mums and Dads

There are many ways to show a new mum and dad that you are happy for them and the family when the new baby finally arrives. The day that the family has been anticipating for such a long time has finally come and now it’s time to celebrate the new life that has entered the world. Show the family how much you care and how excited you are for them by sending a beautiful hand-arranged bouquet of fresh flowers. There is nothing that can so immediately bring a smile to the faces of the new mum and dad – except maybe the sight of their new bundle of joy.

Many people might choose nowadays to give an unconventional gift to the new mum and dad. Friends and family members might show their congratulations and love by offering to cook meals for the new parents, or to take care of the older siblings for a few hours while mum and baby are still in the hospital. Driving brother and sister to the hospital to see the new member of their family is another way that friends and loved ones can help out. Some people will choose to bring mum some chocolates or other gifts of food, which can certainly be much appreciated during the days that she is in the hospital. Friends will know her favourite foods or will ask what they can bring her from home so she will feel more comfortable. Maybe she wants her favourite slippers or a cozy sweater instead of just the hospital gown. Maybe the new mum wants to receive a newspaper or magazine to pass the hours while the baby is sleeping.

Cooking meals for the kids who are still at home is a very helpful gesture. The new mum will hardly have the time and energy between feedings and nighttime wakings to cook homemade meals from scratch. By preparing meals that can be easily frozen, such as soups and stews, the new parents will be freed up to spend their time taking care of their new-born and maybe even getting some rest while the baby naps. Another way to help the family out is to offer to clean the house. No new mum wants to spend her only free minutes of the day sweeping the floors or picking up after the older kids. Laundry and doing the dishes may be put on the back burner when the family arrives home from the hospital, creating more work for the new mum and dad in the long run as the clothes and dishes pile up.

Another way that people can help the growing family is by offering to do the shopping. Taking time to get to the store can be a challenge when there is a new baby in the house, so an hour of running to the shops could be impossible for a new mum and dad. Or take the dog for a walk or feed the cat – all these chores can become overwhelming with a new-born in the house.

As you can see there are many ways that you can give the gift of time to new parents who are juggling the responsibilities of caring for a new baby, especially if they have older kids and if the new dad has to go back to work right away. It is a hard adjustment even for experienced mums to come home with a new-born – after all, every baby is different and has different needs, just like every person is an individual.

However, the gift of flowers will always be appreciated as well. If you are showing up at the hospital bearing magazines and chocolate, have some flowers delivered as well. They will brighten the new mum’s day in ways that other gifts simply cannot. Our baby arrangements are expertly designed with the arrival of a new baby in mind. That means that they convey the joy and happiness that comes with wishing congratulations to a new mum. Each type of flower can convey a different sentiment, and with years of experience FlowersByPost.org.uk has become deft at choosing just the right blossoms to say how happy you are for the new parents.

Not only do we have beautiful arrangements for you to choose from, but choosing them and ordering them for delivery has never been easier. You can order online, or if you would like advice about which gift to choose, you can call our customer service line at ‎020 3900 2441 to ensure that all your questions are answered. If you would like to have an arrangement specially designed for your friend or loved one, we can do that too. Simply pick up the phone and place your order – we’ll walk you through the process. And there’s no need to worry that your flowers won’t be delivered on time. Our arrangements are always delivered quickly and for a great price, so you can be sure you know what will show up at the hospital room or the new parents’ door.

Many flower delivery companies offer arrangements or have pictures on their websites of bouquets that actually look nothing like what will arrive. When you order flowers for delivery with FlowersByPost.org.uk you will know exactly what you are getting. Also, there are no hidden fees or taxes when you order from us – you know not only exactly what you are getting, but exactly what you are paying as well. The only surprises will be the ones experienced by the recipients of our beautiful bouquets. Did we mention that you can order gifts and bouquets specially suited to welcome a baby boy or a baby girl into the family? Our classic combinations are full of traditional beauty that will surely be appreciated and will surely light up the hospital room.

So when your friends or family members are welcoming a new member of the family – whether a boy or a girl – show your love and congratulations with a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers.

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