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Make Mother’s Day Memorable - Flower Gifting Tips

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No matter how many wonderful, impressive people leave a mark on your life, nobody will ever love you or matter as much to you as your mother! Our mothers have always been the backbone of our lives, quietly working away in the background of our daily life to make sure that all our dreams and hopes come true.

Mother’s day is the perfect time to let your mum know just how much she means to you and how much you love her. For the woman who has spent her life raising you and caring for you, no gesture is big enough to say thank you. However, as the old adage goes, say it with flowers. Flowers make for beautiful and cheery gifts, and with the endless sentiments and meanings associated with different flowers, you can say with a simple gesture what you could not express with a thousand words.

The simplest, and most appropriate way of choosing which flowers to gift your mother is to stick to her favourites. You probably already know which her favourite flowers are or what her favourite colours are and basing your bouquet or flower basket around these is a good idea.

You could go in for a simple and elegant bouquet by picking only one type of flower and colour, or you could put together something very colourful and cheerful by combining a number of different flower varieties and colours together. Not only will you know that she is going to like the flowers, but it is also a very thoughtful gesture because it shows that you have put some considerable thought and effort into the gift and also that you have paid attention to what she likes over the years.

If you really want to make an effort in putting together a flower arrangement that is as unique and as special as your darling mum is, instead of buying the arrangement from a florist, consider putting it together yourself. This way, you can incorporate her favourite colours and flowers and you can use decorations and styling techniques of your own choice. This will mean you can personalise the arrangement even more and create a gift that is truly as meaningful and beautiful as the bond you and your mother share.

You can begin by purchasing loose flowers from the florist or flower market. Make sure you get fresh flowers, preferably ones that have been picked the very day you want to make the bouquet or basket. You can even place an order for specific flowers in advance so that you can have fresh blooms ready and waiting for you when you want them. The fresher they are, the more beautiful they will look when you present them to your mum.

After you’ve got the flowers ready, start by clipping the stems and snipping away at any extra foliage or any greenery, especially if it’s drooping or wilting. Whenever you are cutting anything off, make sure you do so in tiny sections so as not to overcut anything.

You’ve probably already decided how you want to arrange the flowers: either in a bouquet or in a flower basket. Start by placing together the flowers in the desired arrangement. For a bouquet you will be laying them down together or bunching them up vertically- whichever way you find easier to work with. In a basket you will be laying the flowers down in concentric circles, moving from the inside of the basket to its outer edges. In either case, the point is to keep rearranging the flowers until you like how they look.

After you’ve finalised on an arrangement and tied the flowers together or neatened up everything in the flower basket, now is the time to decorate! With a readymade flower arrangement, you’ll normally have a few ribbons and some wrapping paper incorporated into the bouquet, but when you’re doing it on your own, you can really cut loose and have a lovely time adding all sorts of decorations. From tiny colourful pompom balls to ribbons and bows, from glittery little bells to sparkly confetti, you can add so much and more to your flower arrangement! Add a little tiny hand painted card for some extra love!

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