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Lilies can have some of the most dramatic-looking blossoms and some of the most interesting names of any flowers that you can have delivered. They make for an intriguing gift, especially for someone who appreciates flowers and knows a think or two about them. That’s not to say that lilies are great presents for just about anyone on your list. But a true gardener or flower lover will understand whatever message you are sending, or simply enjoy the unique blossoms of an unusual lily arrangement. Many lilies are known by their common names, of course, like most flowers. And those common names can be just as dramatic as the delicate blossoms and interesting shapes and colours of the lilies themselves.

Most people are familiar with calla lilies and lilies of the valley – two popular types of lilies. But have you ever seen a Stargazer lily? These stunning flowers have large, star-shaped blossoms that are white and dark pink. However, when you look more closely into the flower, you can see that the pink colouring is a result of thousands of dots of pink, as if someone had sprinkled them with paint. They are quite breathtaking and certainly add some drama to any bouquet. Why not create an arrangement based on these beauties and add some other smaller blossoms as background. That way, your Stargazer lilies will really stand out – and your wish for wealth and prosperity for you friend or loved one cannot be mistaken. They simply shout richness with their deep hues and contrasting colours.

Tiger lilies are another popular choice. These bright orange blossoms are dotted with brown, making them resemble a jungle cat. They are exotic and colourful and will bring a smile to anyone in need of some cheering. When you order your flowers for delivery from our website, you can be sure that you will always receive only the freshest and best blossoms around. In fact, our lilies will arrive at your doorstep with a number of unopened buds, to ensure the longest-lasting bouquet possible. It would be a shame to go to all the trouble of selecting a bouquet, choosing which flowers best symbolize your feelings, and having them delivered just to find that they only last a day. With us you won’t have to worry about that… ever. Each perfect flower will be arranged by our floral experts with the utmost care, and then they will be delivered by our careful drivers all while being kept cool. No wilting, no dropped petals, no faded scents. You will receive only the perfect bouquets from Flowers By Post.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Most people don’t just order flowers once; they order them whenever an occasion warrants a beautiful bouquet. So of course we want to keep our customers happy, so they will keep coming back. That’s why we promise only the best flowers combined with the highest quality of customer service and fast, next-day delivery. If we didn’t, we couldn’t call ourselves the best flower delivery company in town. Since our business depends on your satisfaction, we make it our goal. If you have questions that are not answered by our helpful website, please feel free to contact us on ‎020 3900 2441 so we can ensure that you choose exactly the flowers that are right for you.

It can be easy to go online and browse pretty images of bouquets and click to have them delivered. But will you actually get what you think you are buying? Our bouquets are made to order. That means that your lilies will not be sitting around waiting for you to click on them; we will start creating a unique bouquet for you the minute you order to make sure that what arrives are only the prettiest, fullest blossoms.

There are lilies from many different countries and their names tell a story about where they are from. Japanese lilies and Peruvian lilies are two that come to mind. Though they are both lilies, they look quite different from one another. Peruvian lilies come in many different vibrant colours and have smaller, more delicate blossoms. Japanese lilies, however have curled petals that are spotted with pink. Goldband lilies are also associated with Japan, but are much larger and have yellow bands radiating outwards along the broad petals. The choices, as you can see, are endless. Fire lilies, Madonna lilies, Alpine lilies, Turk’s cap lilies or Leopard lilies – each is so unique that you will be surprised that they are all considered lilies. That’s what is so wonderful about giving a gift of lilies – you can choose different colours and types for each occasion that you would like to send flowers.

Sympathy, prosperity, devotion, purity, friendship – these are just some of the sentiments that you can send along with your flower delivery. If it is your second anniversary or your 30th, choose lilies. If your friend or loved one has a birthday in May, lilies should definitely be your choice of flower to give. But they are also perfect for Mother’s Day, celebrating a new baby, as housewarming gifts, or for those days when you just want to lift someone’s spirits a bit. Every room in the house can benefit from the radiance of a few brightly coloured tiger or Stargazer lilies. And every face that you want to bring a smile to will light up when an overflowing bouquet of lilies is delivered. Their scent is also a delicate breath of fresh air that can be added to any room.

When you think of lilies, think of Flowers By Post, the company that can deliver your lilies to your loved ones the quickest and for the best value. But we don’t skimp on the blossoms, just the extra costs, so you get savings and perfect flowers no matter what the season or the occasion. Call us today on ‎020 3900 2441 if you need some help deciding which of these beautiful blossoms to put in your bouquet.

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