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How To Take Care Of Flowers In Summer

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In the beginning of summer we are longing for the sun shine, for spending more times outside to enjoy the beauty of the nature as we are all exhausted of the long and cold winter months. Beautiful blooming flowers are one of the most important elements to make us feel great no matter if we are sitting in our garden or simply enjoying the warm weather on the balcony of the apartment. If you want to spend the summer time in a real piece of heaven you should start taking care of your flowers early in June. The following tips will help you on how to start preparing the soil and how to plant the seeds in order to grow beautiful flowers that will adorn your garden, home or balcony.

1. Flowers in pots
After the winter is finally gone there is no need to worry that the weather might suddenly get cold and your flowers might get frozen. That is why it is time to take them out on your balcony or outside the house. Flowers that love summer and start blooming under the sin light are begonia, gardenia, geranium and Fuchsia. Aloe and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana also start blooming in June and continue to do so during the whole summer. All of these flowers love warm weather that is why you can keep them outside during the whole summer season. However you should keep them away of sudden weather changes as strong wind and storms might be extremely harmful to them. That is why whenever the weather turns bad you should take the flowers inside to protect them until the storm is over. Another problem that you might face when you take the flowers outside is that their blossoms and leaves might quickly get dry because of the high temperatures outside. The best way to prevent this from happening is to regularly water them or if possible, use a system for drip irrigation.

2. Roses
It is hard to imagine a garden without the queen of all flowers in it – the rose. These gorgeous flowers start blooming right in the beginning of June which is actually the beginning of summer itself. If you are thinking of taking care of roses on your balcony it is a good idea to consider planting the sort Sweet Chariot as it is very suitable for hanging baskets. Roses of this kind are in soft violet colour with a very strong scent. If you will take care of roses in the garden every type of the flower is a good choice.

3. Herbs
The beginning of summer is the best time to make a herbal section in your garden. During the cold months you can simply take the herbs inside your home. The best choices for your summer garden are thyme, rosemary, mint and savory. Not only these herbs can be used in cooking but they will also fill the place with their wonderful scent. And the best thing about them is that you can grow them either in the garden or in pots on your balcony.

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