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Guide to Yellow Flowers

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Yellow flowers are some of the most radiant and sunny flowers, perfect for bouquets and arrangements. Yellow flowers come with their symbolism and types. There’s no doubt that yellow is the colour of sunshine, joy and happiness. Yellow conveys energy and warmth. In feng shui this is the perfect colour for big rooms and especially for children’s rooms. However, one has to be careful not to overuse yellow as it can also become a rather disturbing colour. Generally, yellow is known to enhance confidence, well-being and memory. Yellow stimulates the nervous system in a positive way which makes us initiate communication. Traditionally, yellow represents the sun, as well as hope. On the other hand, yellow can represent negative concepts, such as cowardice and illness.

Meaning of Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers can have various meanings. Some of them stand for happiness and hope, while others represent deceit or jealousy. That’s why it’s important to choose the yellow flower correctly. Here are the popular meanings of yellow flowers based on their exact shade:
• Bright yellow: a flower which grabs the attention, a symbol of happiness and joy.
• Golden yellow: a flower given as a promise of a sunny future.
• Light yellow: a symbol of freshness and joy, perfect for graduates and birthdays.
• Dull yellow: representing sickness and jealousy.

Arrangements with Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers are usually added to arrangements and bouquets as a bit of neutral filler, but also for attracting attention. Bright yellow flowers can be used on their own, while lighter types pair well with flowers in darker colours (purple, burgundy, teal, emerald green, etc.). Here are some great ideas for combinations with yellow flowers in bouquets and flower arrangements:

• Yellow and blue is a great combination.
• Mix yellow and red flowers to create a sensational arrangement which will bring excitement and warmth to a party.
• Mix orange flowers and flowers in citrus yellow for the perfect summer occasion.
• Yellow flowers pair well with deep or indigo purple flowers – the result is a psychedelic effect.
• An autumn event can be adorned with yellow flowers and some brown and green foliage.

Yellow Flowers Types

• Yellow Orchids: symbolizing distinction and delicacy, there are more than 330 species.
• Yellow Roses: an expression of joy and platonic friendship, the yellow rose can also be a sign of jealousy in some Western cultures. Nowadays it’s mostly a symbol of a new beginning.
• Yellow Calla Lilies: with its radiant tone in gold and bright yellow, named after Queen Victoria, this beautiful flower is ironically popular for both funerals and weddings, as a symbol of resurrection and birth.
• Yellow Carnation: one of the rarest species in the family of carnations. It is a symbol of disappointment and rejection towards the recipient.
• Yellow Hibiscus: a symbol of Hawaii, it is often used in Hawaiian weddings.
• Yellow Tulip: originally from Turkey, it represents friendship, as well as hopeless love.
• Yellow Daffodil: also known as Narcissus, it symbolizes the sun and when given as a gift it says: “You bring sunshine into my life”.

Wedding Flowers in Yellow

Favored for their brightness and eye-catching qualities, yellow flowers are often utilized for weddings in every season. Perfect for various types of arrangements, the most preferred yellow flowers for weddings are roses, calla lilies and orchids. Yellow flowers bring sunshine and a promise of happiness. Many people see them as good luck flowers, which is another reason for their popular use at weddings and other important events.

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