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Flowers To Give Your Home A Christmas Feel

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As you approach the Christmas holiday, you start thinking about injecting some of Christmas into the flowers that you display around your home. This is a guide on the best flowers to use in your arrangement, what to display them in and some ideas of decorations that you could add.

Some perfect flowers for your Christmas arrangement:

Amaryllis – These flowers bloom during winter. The flowers are shaped like a star and are suitable for most arrangements.

Blue Iris – The vibrant colour of these flowers sets them apart and makes them stand out in an arrangement, blue flowers are not very common.
Tulips – Perfect for a Christmas feel and available in a variety of colors, particularly red, green, and blue in keeping with the Christmas theme.

Oriental Lilies – These flowers give your room a beautiful fragrance, and are in vibrant colours that perfectly match your Christmas decorations.

Pink Sapphire – ideal for the elegant and sophisticated Christmas floral arrangement.

Peruvian Lilies
Glory of the Snow – these elegant flowers bloom in the winter season, they grow in colours of white and pink. They have six petals which look like a star and are perfect for the Christmas feel.

What to display your flowers in?
• Clear Vase
• Red, Green or blue vase
• Basket:
• Clear round bowl (resembling the shape of a bauble)

What additional decorations can you add?
• Pine cones: are symbolic of winter and whether they are kept naturally coloured or painted, they will make a floral arrangement immediately wintery. You may be able to get these free if you have a pine tree anywhere near you.
• Berries: red berries are an excellent choice to add to your arrangement, the colour is in keeping with the tone and berries are often seen as decorations on Christmas trees.
• Holly: perfect for the Christmas feel Holly and berries set off a Christmas floral arrangement and fill up a vase beautifully, meaning you can buy less flowers and still make an impact.
• Pine Branches: adding pine branches to your arrangement automatically make it feel like Christmas, add a couple of red flowers and you’re done.

You may be able to use branches and off cuts from your Christmas tree for this, and if they are strong enough they may be able to hold any fairy lights you decide to add.
• Christmas baubles: use small Christmas baubles in your flower arrangement, or any other ornaments for your Christmas tree that you think would look nice.
• Fairy Lights: make sure that no lights are touching the leaves, stems or petals of the flowers as this may burn them. Limit the fairy light to the pot and branches that you know would stand up against the heat of the fairy lights (like your Christmas tree)
• Ribbons: Red and Green ribbons, Christmas ribbons, anything like this tied around the vase or handle of the basket will add a Christmassy feel to the arrangement.
• Fake snow: make sure you use something that will not be harmful to the plant, and use as little as possible. Avoid completely covering the leaves as this may damage them.
• Crystals or something for the bottom of a clear vase: use crystals in shades of red, green, blue to line the bottom of any clear vases you use. Ensure that whatever you add to the vase has been thoroughly cleaned and will not harm your flowers. If you add fairy light’s the crystals with reflect the light and sparkle.