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Flowers to Avoid for Valentine's Day

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Flowers to Avoid for Valentine's Day

Flowers are the most beautiful gift from nature. They make our lives so colorful and when given as presents, flowers make us feel so loved and special. For many years, they have been used a sign of true love and appreciation. Children have given flowers to their mothers to thank for her care and tenderness love. Man gives them to their wife and girlfriend , to express their passionate love and adoration.

Undoubtedly, a bouquet of beautiful flowers makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, which can make your special someone feels loved appreciated. However, because of the meaning they convey, not all flowers are an appropriate present on this day. Although, all of them are amazingly beautiful , not all say ‘’ I love you”.
Here is a list of flower, which you have to avoid for Valentine’s Day:

Yellow roses
If you want to show your wife or girlfriend how much you love her, roses have always been the perfect way to do that. However, don’t give yellow roses, because they rather convey a decrease of your love, instead of expressing your endless and passionate love. So, a bouquet of yellow roses can make your special someone angry ,  rather than smile if she knows their meaning.

White Roses
Another type of roses , which you should never give as a present to your wife is a white rose. Although, the color white  has always been a symbol of innocence and purity, when you give a white rose you should know that they symbolize a fleeting beauty and you definitely don’t want to say that to your wife on Valentine’s Day.

Even though , they are exceptionally beautiful flowers , lavender actually symbolize distrust. You don’t want to send that message on a Valentine’s day. Even if you accompany these flowers with a romantic card or a poem, you risk ruining that special day, because you did not choose carefully your present.

On Valentine’s Day we honor love and celebrate the days we have spent with our beloved ones. On that day, we feel happy and thankful for the relationship we have created. This is why, when you choose flowers on that day, you should choose these, which can express your love in the best possible way. However, if you give Dahlia on Valentine’s Day , you should know that they symbolize instability, which is exactly the opposite of what you have created with your loved one.

Cyclamen flowers
No one can deny the fact , that these flowers look stunning. With their unique shapes and elegant colors, they can make the perfect bouquet for your loved one, but if you are leaving this special person. Giving cyclamen flowers is actually a way to tell someone good-bye , rather than show her your true love.

Yellow Chrysanthemums
Love is the greatest feeling , which give us a reason to smile and make us as happy as we have never been. Usually, on days like Valentine’s Day , we want to show our beloved ones, how happy they have made us. However, giving her a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums is much more like telling her that your relationship has been depressing and invokes rather unhappy feelings.

We all know about the spectacular beauty of flowers, they have made our lives so much more livelier and colorful. They have also made the people, who we have given flowers to , happier than ever. However, some flowers convey different feelings, then we want to express on a special day like Valentine’s Day. This is why, knowing what flowers symbolize , it will be easier to choose the perfect flowers, with the right meaning.

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